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  • Pre Owned Tag Heuer Watches

  • Pre Owned Tag Heuer Watches

    When it comes to famed Swiss watches, there aren't many more iconic makers than TAG Heuer. Building on a heritage of innovation that stretches back to 1860, TAG has developed collections of spectacular watches that support active lifestyles.

    TAG has mastered luxury chronographs with market-leading precision of 1/10th, 1/100th and 1/1000th of a second as well as producing breathtaking designs that look impeccable with any outfit. Browse our second-hand TAG Heuer collections today, featuring iconic models such as the Aquaracer, Formula 1, Monaco, Carrera and many more.

    Shop our large selection of used TAG Heuer watches below.

    History of TAG Heuer watches

    TAG Heuer’s history dates back to 1860 when 20-year-old Edouard Heuer started handcrafting pocket watches in his small shop in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. He would continue to innovate for the next 30 years, and in 1887, he perfected the chronograph. In a moment of ingenuity, he created the “oscillating pinion”, which allowed the timepiece to start and stop with the push of a button. This feature is still present in chronographs today.

    As we entered the 1900s, it was clear to Heuer that the world demanded more from watches. With medicine and sport requiring greater precision and accuracy, this was to be a major focus for the brand in the years to come. Over the next two decades, TAG Heuer’s timekeeping precision and reliability developed a reputation for itself which saw its stopwatches enter the international sporting world as they were used at the Olympic Games.

    TAG has since been appointed to provide timekeeping for sailing events and Formula One races, proving how impressive these chronographs are. Across the following century, the brand focused on developing watches that were stunning to witness with the same dazzling timekeeping innovations that make them suitable for the modern world. This is showcased in our collection of used TAG Heuer watches available at H&T.

    Our pre-owned TAG Heuer collections

    We have many collections of immaculate second-hand TAG Heuer watches to browse, with many models being as good as new. Take your pick from our collections with a range of sizes, materials and colours to choose from.


    Aesthetic, sporty and classic, the Aquaracer is one of the most popular used TAG Heuer watches available at H&T. Featuring bold watch-face designs as well as being water-resistant, this is the ideal chronograph for those that want to look good in the boardroom as well as in the depths of the ocean.

    Formula 1

    Inspired by the athletes on the track, Formula 1 is ideal for the modern man and woman who live a fast-paced life. With several colourways and designs to choose from, you can select a style that makes you stand out from the crowd.


    First designed in 1963, the Carrera is one of the most iconic pre-owned TAG Heuer watches we stock. With an elegantly timeless design that is suitable for business or pleasure, this chronograph makes for a fine addition to your collection.


    Beautiful yet understated, the Monaco model with its signature square watch face was famously worn by Steve McQueen in the 1960s, propelling its popular status. Today, it remains a classic that is great for those who need a chronograph for all walks of life.

    Other models in our pre-owned TAG Heuer range include the Link, 2000 Series and Kirium.

    Why choose a pre-owned TAG Heuer watch

    Pre-owned watches from brands as highly regarded as TAG Heuer often appear as brand new, given they are well looked after by previous owners. These prestige watches are made with high-end materials, and fine Swiss craftsmanship means you can rely on their accuracy.

    A lower price tag is one of the main benefits of purchasing a TAG Heuer watch second-hand, and you may have a larger selection of suitable watches that are within your budget, so you can find one that perfectly suits your style.

    As long as you look after your TAG Heuer it is likely to hold its value should you decide to sell it again.
    If you wish to sell your watch, we offer a bespoke service that makes the process straightforward while offering a fair price.

    Why should you buy your used TAG Heuer watch from H&T?

    With over 130 years of experience in the horology industry, our team has developed a wealth of knowledge on preparing second-hand TAG Heuer watches for their new life.
    All of the pre-owned and second-hand TAG watches in our collection have been individually assessed by our expert horologists, meaning that you can buy with confidence from a name you can trust.

    Every used TAG watch is subject to strict testing for timekeeping accuracy to ensure it meets our high standards. It will be supplied with an authentication card to mark the passing of these tests once it’s been checked.
    We give customers a one-year warranty and a 30-day returns policy with each pre-owned watch purchase. Moreover, when you spend over £150, you’ll receive your purchase via a special courier.

    Get in touch with us.

    Ready to find the right pre-owned TAG Heuer watch for you? Great. Browse our online range on our website or eBay shop. Register your details and book a no-obligation visit to one of our 270 stores if you want to see or try on any chronographs before purchasing.

    Contact our experts today if you have any questions about our used TAG watches. Contact us online or email us at

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