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  • Pre Owned Engagement Rings

  • Pre Owned Engagement Rings

    The perfect partner needs the perfect engagement ring.

    When it comes to rings, the engagement ring is one of the most meaningful pieces of jewellery your partner could receive in their lifetime. Nothing represents a partnership of love and unity like a beautiful engagement ring on the hand of your lover.

    At H&T, we look to offer an extensive range of second hand engagement rings to help make your proposal perfect. Browse our stunning collection today, showcasing styles including Cluster Rings, Solitaire Rings, Trilogy Rings and many more.

    Shop our large collection of engagement rings below.

    A brief history of the engagement ring

    The engagement ring dates back as far as the Ancient Romans. Mostly cast from iron or ivory back then, gold rings were only affordable for the higher classes in society. Rings of this period were plain bands without stones. It wasn't until 1477 the first diamond was used in an engagement ring, for an Archduke of Austria.

    With diamonds becoming more accessible in the Victorian era, new designs and stone shapes began to emerge. It wasn't until the late 1940's that diamond Engagement rings really gained popularity.

    Diamonds are still a highly popular choice for pre owned engagement rings, but more gemstones and precious metals are on the rise. Choosing a ring with coloured gemstones is a great way to reflect your partner’s personality.

    Our Second Hand Engagement Rings

    At H&T, we have several second hand engagement rings available in a wide variety of precious metals. We offer a range of diamond cuts, precious gemstones and price points for whatever suits your taste and budget. Whether you choose Gold, Silver or Platinum, new rings for sale are added regularly and the perfect ring is just waiting for you.

    If you need any assistance finding the right engagement ring, please contact us.

    Solitaire Rings

    One of the most popular types of engagement ring is the Solitaire diamond Ring. This classical ring features a single stone taking centre stage, flaunting the elegance of this design. This timeless style often features brilliant cut diamonds, with other shapes such as baguette and princess cuts offering a new look.

    We also have a selection of Solitaire Rings with accent stones in stock today. The extra stones transform the Solitaire diamond Ring into a far more eye-catching and show stopping engagement ring.

    Trilogy Rings

    The Trilogy ring provides a powerful meaning to your partner. Consisting of three stones, the Trilogy ring symbolises the past, present, and future of a couple's relationship. This striking style began increasing in demand during the Victorian era, with the middle stone being the largest.

    With diamonds being the norm for used engagement rings, the Trilogy ring has become more versatile recently. As times have changed, these rings also feature Rubies and Sapphires, fashioning a more tailored Trilogy ring for your partner.

    Halo Rings

    One of the more sought-after styles of pre owned engagement rings is the Halo Ring. The Halo ring dates back to the Georgian times, consisting of a large centre stone with surrounding smaller pavé diamonds. These smaller stones help amplify the shine of the larger stone, increasing the wow-factor for all to see.

    Why choose second hand Engagement Rings?

    When deciding on the perfect ring, choosing to buy used gold engagement ring can offer some unexpected benefits.

    Pre-owned engagement rings are usually far cheaper to buy than brand new jewellery. You can still buy rings with high quality stones and craftmanship second hand, without breaking the bank.

    Second hand engagement rings are also a more sustainable choice. Mining for new materials used in jewellery causes negative impacts on the environment in locations around the world. Being kinder to the environment never shined so good.

    Why choose second hand Engagement Rings from H&T?

    Here at H&T, buying your dream pre owned engagement ring is a sustainable and hassle-free experience. We offer a wide variety of rings at competitive prices. With new items added to our inventory daily, there is something for everyone to love and cherish, forever.

    At H&T, we offer delivery via a secure courier. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we also offer a 30-day return policy on all our pre-owned engagement rings.

    Our team of in-house experts test every piece of our used jewellery to verify its quality and authenticity.

    Get in touch with us.

    Are you ready to find the right engagement ring for you? Whether you are shopping online or in-store, we are here to help. You can view selected items online for free in one of our 270+ stores throughout the UK, just register your details.

    If you have any questions about the ring you are interested in, you can contact us online or by phone at 0800 169 0780.

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