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Luxury Watches

When browsing our luxury watch sale, you’re likely to come across a number of interesting, and sometimes unique, vintage watches. Of course, when you buy preowned, you can naturally look forward to a much greater variety of timepieces on offer; some nearly-new and hardly worn, and some which date back decades. Although these vintage timepieces were manufactured a long time ago, they rarely look dated and can sometimes carry an elegance and charm which is hard to find in more modern creations.

Read on to find out why a vintage watch may well be worth a second look the next time you’re in the market for a high-end watch - you may be surprised at the wide range of upsides to these long-lived pieces which goes far beyond their aesthetics.

A watch with a history

When looking at vintage watches, one can’t help but think about what was happening in the world when they were made, and who may have worn them in the past. In horologist terms, a vintage watch is any timepiece which was made before 1980, but much older models are obviously common and still in circulation.

For instance, this Omega Vintage watch from 1965 is not only good-looking, but also carries a wealth of possible stories. When this watch first started ticking, the Vietnam War was underway, man had not yet landed on the moon, and the UK’s Prime Minister was Harold Wilson. Who knows who originally owned this watch and what events it was privy to – the possibilities are endless – and for those with an active imagination, it can be a wonderful aspect.

Styles which surpass fashion trends

Modern watches are made to look a certain way, and will certainly look relatively up-to-date on the wrist. That being said, a lot of the world’s top manufacturers have started adding retro design features to their new releases. The appetite for timeless quality has given vintage watches a new lease of life, whether they are understated and classic in design, or more stylistic for their time period.

For those who like to look on-trend, vintage watches with a certain look will always come back around into fashion again and again, and are certainly worth the investment. For instance, warm gold metallic tones are very in vogue at the moment, which has caused a surge in popularity for vintage gold watches; particularly those dating from the 60’s and 70’s for their warmer looks, such as this Ladies Vintage Rolex from 1966.

Confidence in authenticity

When you’re looking to buy a vintage luxury watch it’s important to ensure authenticity, as there are many very convincing fakes out there. This is an unfortunate risk that you run when buying online from auction sites or forums, and it’s not always easy to see signs of wear & tear from pictures unless they are professionally taken. Thankfully, when you buy from an established, national and trusted company such as HandT - Shop Online, authenticity is guaranteed.

We issue a certificate of authenticity for all of our watches, and they have all been thoroughly inspected and deep-cleaned by our in-house horologists prior to going on sale. We have a good relationship with all high-end watch manufacturers, and confirm that all serial numbers match their databases. We will never sell a fake watch, and can help you with any questions you may have about identification.

Assured longevity

Although you can’t go wrong with buying any watch from the top manufacturers due to the extremely high and consistent quality of their design, craftsmanship and materials, vintage watches do have one thing that newer watches do not: proof of their resilience and longevity. If a vintage watch from the 1940’s or 1950’s is still in good working order, you can be pretty confident that it will continue to do so with the proper care.

For many, one of the upsides to owning a luxury watch is the opportunity to pass it down to future generations. It’s possible to do this with high-end watches and fine jewellery thanks to the long-lasting materials and quality construction, and with a vintage watch you can be confident that it could well be passed down again and again, taking your story with it.

It is important, however, to ensure that your watch is well looked-after, which means keeping it up-to-date with servicing, and storing it in a safe, dry place when you’re not wearing it. Servicing can be done with the original manufacturer, or with a separate provider. When you consider that the moving parts inside a watch are working all the time, the need for regular servicing becomes obvious. For example in 1958, Rolex revealed that the balance wheel inside their famous Rolex Oyster watch travels a whopping 7,000miles in just 18months. This means that the balance wheel on this 1972 vintage Rolex Oyster has travelled around 215,000miles in its lifetime!

Excellent value for money

Vintage watches tend to be cheaper than nearly new models, unless of course they are very rare or sought after. Luxury watches which were once worn by famous, notable or notorious people are also inflated in price due to the connection. However, the majority of vintage pieces do not fall into these categories, and may well have been sitting in a drawer just waiting to move on to their next owner for some time.

The fact that many vintage watches are offered at lower prices than newer models means that you can achieve the dream of owning a watch made by Rolex, Brietling or other coveted watch manufacturer for much less. What’s more, vintage watches will fluctuate in resale prices throughout their lifetime, but tend to continue accumulating value after a certain period of time. The value of an older watch is likely to go up over a long period of time as the model becomes rarer. As long as you keep your timepiece in good condition, you may well be creating a very lucrative investment for your – or your family’s – future.

Why not check out our amazing range of high-end watches from a wide range of eras today? Our range is changing all the time, so do check back often if you’re on the lookout for that perfect vintage timepiece.

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