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Although we try not to scare anybody during the month of Halloween, some of the price tags attached to our ultimate jewellery list are scarily competitive. Make sure you’ve got your favourite teddy and blankie on stand-by!

But do not fear, there’s plenty of candy to go around with luxury jewellery at all prices, so remember not to push or shove in line! And unlike the prankster parents out there following Jimmy Kimmel’s annual trend of telling their children they’ve eaten all their Halloween candy, we promise we’re not trolling you with some of these gob-stopping prices.


Sure to shock any onlooker, these diamonds are dazzling to say the least. If you’re going to trick or treat this year, when your neighbour’s door opens twist your hand (Beyoncé style) and scare your victim with the blinding light one of these stones emits! We’ve shortlisted three diamond rings, deserving a devilish spot on the wish list:

Sapphires and Rubies

Something you might not know about these gems, is a ruby is a sapphire in disguise, they are both made of the same element; Corundum. We wrote a blog about sapphires where we featured the 12ct million pound sapphire given to Lady Diana. Both these rings are on sale at the moment making them extra tempting.


With chameleon characteristics, an opal will shift colour depending on its background. It is the birthstone of October and comes in all sorts of colours; blue, black, grey, green, orange, red, white, brown. We’re particularly fond of this opal as it has a resemblance to the sky at dawn with its glowing orange energy. Spooky.


An emerald is the most valuable green gemstone. First formed 2.97 billion years ago, the earliest known emerald mines dates back to Egypt. This precious stone once sat at the top of Cleopatra’s jewellery wish list, she adored the wildly green stone. Be warned, there are eerie tales about the emerald being able to reveal the secret of true love!


La Peregrina Pearl – Elizabeth Taylor had this iconic pearl customised onto a diamond and ruby necklace. It dangled like prized bait, and it didn’t take long for fashionistas to get hooked, making pearls a fashion frenzy. Featured is a watch with a mother of pearl dial. Watches made with pearls stand out from the crowd as you can see looking at the Ebel on our wishlist. They have a glisten rather than a sparkle. In a world of diamonds dare to be a pearl.


Traditionally a stone given to celebrate 16 years of marriage, this is an ancient gem dating all the way back to Cleopatra’s wish list once again. Peridots sparkle under moonlight, so Egyptian miners would work the sands all day, then watch the fields throughout the night marking spots that glistened so they knew where to look in the morning.


Drenched in sweetness, the topaz gem has inspired poets like John Milton, Ezra Pound and Emily Dickinson. With lines comparing love, smiles and eyes to a topaz, the stone has been penned by many romantic poets and writers. Pure topaz is colourless, but we have picked this baby blue trilogy ring for it’s dreamy delicate quality.

Because we specialise in pre-owned jewellery, we are constantly finding unique, timeless pieces. It’s well worth checking our site every day to see our sparkly new stock. If you’ve been taken by our ultimate jewellery wish list and are stuck on what one to go for, the GIA is a fantastic resource. There is regular gemological news where you can discover unique gems found all over the world.

Despite some of the ghostly tales out there about pre-owned goods being “cursed” or “voodooed”, it’s an industry brimming with perfectly safe, luxurious pieces. We aren’t terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows waiting to snatch your money with our bony fingers, we’re actually really friendly, honest, smiley people.

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By H&T Pawnbrokers