The 5 Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends Summer 2022

By H&T Pawnbrokers Tue, Aug 02, 2022
We’re in the height of wedding season and love is in the air. So, it’s no surprise that many of us think about popping the question at this time of year. And if you’re searching for the perfect ring for your special someone, you’ll no doubt want to find out more about the most popular engagement ring trends around at the minute. After all, these trends are popular for a reason, so your other half is bound to love one of them!

Whether you’re shopping with your other half for their new, beautiful ring or you’re choosing it on your own, read on to discover the top five most popular engagement ring trends this summer according to Google search data*.

*All information accurate as of 24/06/2022.

5. Solitaire engagement ring : 3,300 searches per month

Coming in fifth is the classic solitaire engagement ring. This timeless style has been popular for decades, and it has clearly stood the test of time. A solitaire ring is simply a ring with one standalone central gemstone on a plain band. It’s a beautifully simple style, and the perfect choice for fiancés-to-be who are looking for a classic, elegant engagement ring.

As well as being a fantastic minimalist option, the great thing about solitaire engagement rings is that they encompass so many different types of styles, making them an incredibly versatile choice. While many opt for diamond solitaire rings for proposing, you can use any type of gemstone which you think your partner will love. You also have complete control over the cut of the stone and the metal of the band, so while it’s a simple style, you can really make it special for your partner by choosing elements that they’ll love.

4. Aquamarine engagement ring: 3,400 searches per month

Diamonds are the classic gemstone choice for engagement rings thanks to their stunning sparkle, versatility, and durability. But there are so many options to explore, so why not consider trying something a little different? Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone, and the perfect choice for future fiancés who love colourful accessories. The light blue and green hues on this gem are subtle, so it can both work with a variety of different outfits and accessories and stand out from other clear gemstones. Plus, aquamarine has a score of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it’s a durable stone which can withstand everyday wear as long as it is well looked after.

There are also some special meanings behind this gemstone, so it can make for a really personal engagement ring for your other half. The stone is known as the gem of the sea, with the name coming made up of the Latin words “aqua”, for water, and “marina”, which translates to “of the sea” (GIA). So, if your partner has a love of the ocean, this will be a really special ring for them. Aquamarine is also the birthstone for March, so it’s the perfect gemstone to use if popping the question to someone born in this month.

3. Black diamond engagement ring: 3,800 searches per month

The third most popular engagement ring trend may be an unexpected one, but black diamond really is a special gemstone. As well as being truly unique, these types of diamonds are much rarer than their colourless counterparts. However, they tend to be lower in price too, making them the perfect choice for people looking for beautiful diamonds on a budget. This doesn’t mean they are of a lower quality though. Black diamonds are formed in same way as colourless diamonds, but they get their unique colour from impurities during the formation process.

What makes black diamonds even more special is the meaning behind the gemstone. While there are many different types of meaning attributed to them, including strength and passion, black diamonds are also a symbol of eternal love, making them the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

As well as being popular amongst the general public, many celebrities have opted for black diamond engagement rings, including Myleene Klass.

2. Pear shaped engagement ring: 6,100 searches per month

If you’re looking for a style that’s a mix of classic and modern, a pear-shaped engagement ring is the way to go. It’s a unique and stunning style, so it’s no surprise that it’s the second most popular trend this summer according to Google search data. Also known as teardrop shape, the pear cut is rounded at one end of the gem and comes to a point at the other end. It’s an incredibly distinctive shape and is bound to be noticed, making it the perfect choice for fiancés-to-be who are looking forward to showing off their dazzling new ring.

One of the things that make pear-shaped engagement rings so popular is that they tend to make the gemstone look larger in size than other types of cut, including round and princess cut (although both of these stunning shapes have their own unique beauty). This glamorous cut also has a special meaning behind it: the shape is believed to symbolise tears of joy, making it the perfect style of ring to start your engagement with.

1. Opal engagement ring: 6,200 searches per month

Coming in top of the most popular engagement ring trends of summer 2022 is the stunning opal ring. Opal is an incredibly elegant and versatile gemstone, making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring. They have a unique beauty and magic about them, with one of the most unique hues of any gemstone. They reflect light and can give off a wide range of shades, from green, to pink, to blue. As well as being incredibly beautiful, they tend to be a lot cheaper than diamonds making them the perfect choice for people on a budget searching for the right ring.

Opals pair particularly well with rose and white gold, but are can easily be complemented by any other type of metal you choose. They also work well with a range of styles, including art deco, vintage, and minimalist designs.

If your partner was born in October, this is the perfect stone for them as opal is the birthstone for this month. But don’t worry if your significant other was born any other day of the year, as this gorgeous gem is for everyone. In fact, this gemstone symbolises love and hope, so if you’re looking for the perfect way to start the rest of your loves together, this is the perfect stone to pop the question with.

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