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Wedding season is coming. Yes, we said it. Time to balance the pressures of perfection with a symphony of love. The smallest details, disguised as simple, make all the difference. Choosing your bridal jewellery and bridesmaids’ jewellery is the icing on the cake and we’ve put together a guide to help.

The dress dictates the bridal jewellery, so it’s best to start there. If you have a high couture neckline, perhaps consider something minimal to keep the Vogue attitude. You could pair a long pendant necklace with a plunging neckline. Once you narrow this bit down, it’s smooth sailing from here on in.

Pearls are a wise choice for bridal jewellery, so if you have a penchant for the classics, this is ideal. They are treasure from the Earth’s oceans, symbolic of wisdom and purity. We have unique pieces online, like this beautiful necklace with a pearl encased in a 22ct gold heart. A wonderful metaphor for a bride to wear on her wedding day.

The never-ending trend of rose gold metal is still going. We can probably stop calling it a trend now, it’s here to stay! The colour gives it an ethereal, delicate touch, perfect for a romantic occasion. If you are gifting your bridesmaids, a rose gold themed set would be a nice touch.

Of course we haven’t forgotten the star of the show, diamond. You could drop a hint to the groom to send a box of diamond studs to your dressing room on the morning of the big day. It would be such a romantic gesture, something to remember and share with the grandchildren. If your budget allows, diamond wedding jewellery is classic and suits sophistication and elegance.

There’s always the option to go extravagant, it’s your special day, so why not? Tiara, full bridal jewellery set, train 20ft long embellished with crystals. There’s more than white and cream colour options too, bold green emeralds or ocean blue sapphires make a statement. Express yourself through your bridal jewellery. The day is dedicated to following your heart, so don’t be afraid to!

Another important part of the day is your bridesmaid jewellery. Often this part is gifted from the bride as a thank you, so set a realistic budget from the get go. Everybody loves to be treated, so don’t stress about getting your bridesmaids diamond tiaras and emerald earrings if you can’t stretch to it. Consider the fashion of the dresses, enforcing the same ideology as before. It’s natural to feel pulled between wanting to give your bridesmaids a beautiful outfit and wanting to be the star of the day yourself. Gifting them a minimal silver set works wonders, you can go for necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings. You could opt for synthetic pearls, to match your real ones. It’s still cost-effective, and so cute to go matching.
You can order pieces in-store for free, so treat it like a wedding gown fitting and come with a friend to try on (we don’t allow earrings to be tried however, for hygiene reasons!). We know how important it is to get everything perfect, we have plenty of experience with wedding jewellery so we’re on hand to help.

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By H&T Pawnbrokers