More Than Just Pawnbroking - H&T's Other Services

By H&T Pawnbrokers Mon, Aug 01, 2022
H&T Pawnbrokers was established over 120 years ago in London, and has since expanded to provide most of the UK with a range of money services. While we are best known for pawnbroking, we also have other financial solutions available of which you may not be aware.

As the largest pawnbroker in the UK, we take what we do seriously and we always ensure that our customers get the best deal and the best choice when it comes to accessing cash. Whether you’re dealing with us online or in person, you can expect a safe, friendly environment where our knowledgeable team are always on hand to answer any questions.

In this guide you can learn about some of our other popular services – most of which are available both online and in-store. Follow the links if you want further information, or alternatively get in touch with us directly.

Travel Money

Whether you’re going abroad on holiday or for business, it’s likely that you’ll need some foreign currency, whether that be Euros, Dollars or something more exotic. Getting your travel money in advance tends to get you much more for your money than waiting until you get to the airport or into the country itself. Being prepared and ensuring you have enough cash for emergencies as soon as you arrive is also important.

Foreign currency exchange rates are based on the stock market, so it may be worth checking how your required currency has been doing against the pound before you buy. The value of any currency against the pound is dependent on many factors, including current events. While it’s not possible to accurately predict what will happen to the rates, a little research can give you a nudge in the right direction about the best time to exchange your money.

We offer around 70 worldwide currencies which can be ordered online and picked up in-store for peace of mind. You can also walk into any one of our 180+ stores and use our bureau de change without a prior order. Our extremely competitive exchange rates and 0% commission on purchases means that this service is popular amongst our customers. We can also offer a currency buy-back at a guaranteed price, so you won’t be left out of pocket if you have any currency left over. Find out more out our travel money here.

Western Union

Western Union is an international money transfer service which allows people to send and receive money from overseas in a quick and easy manner. You may be sending money back home to family, helping out someone you know who is in another country, or paying an overseas company for certain products or services. No matter what the circumstances, Western Union money transfers are safe, secure and you don’t need a bank account.

If you are receiving money then you will need to bring a valid form of ID to ensure the cash is going to the right person. You don’t need an appointment, so come and see us in-store any time during opening hours. You can see if your local H&T store offers this service using our store-finder tool.

Cheque Cashing

Waiting for a cheque to clear in your bank account can be frustrating if you need the money quickly, and sometimes you may not want to put a cheque into your account at all. In this case, H&T’s cheque cashing service can be just the ticket. We can get your cash to you within 30 minutes in one of our stores.

In order to prevent fraud and to ensure that all of our customers are safe from financial crime we will require photographic ID, a formal letter dated in the last 3 months and the letter/invoice receipt that came with the cheque. We can cash personal cheques, wages, solicitor’s cheques, insurance, lottery, Inland Revenue and giro cheques on the same day – no need to make an appointment.

Find out more about our cheque cashing service here.

We Buy Almost Anything

You may have seen that H&T Pawnbrokers has a gold buying service, which is a very popular service nationwide, particularly as the gold price has been favourable lately. What you may not know is that here at H&T we are open to buying not just gold and other precious metals, but a range of other valuables also. We have a range of experts on hand to accurately value your item(s) to ensure we can give you a fair price.

H&T pawnbrokers will buy jewellery, watches, cars, antiques, art, designer fashion and anything else where the value can be proven. We offer online valuations within 24 hours, and you can also bring your valuables to one of our stores for a valuation in person. New, used and damaged items are all considered, so check your cupboards for unwanted or damaged items which may be of interest to us. Find out more and get a valuation here.


Pawnbroking Loans are secured on your items, if the loan is not repaid it will be sold to pay the debt.