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It looks like that Easter is going to be a little different this year due to the Coronavirus outbreak. But having to stay indoors doesn’t mean that our usual Easter traditions can’t happen! Easter can still be a fun and exciting time, and our kids might just enjoy these ideas in the years to come.

Self-Isolation Neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt

One of the most positive aspects of all of this, is that communities have pulled together in these uncertain times. We are hearing lots of stories of friendship, help and hope from all across the country. You’re likely to find a Facebook group or similar has been set up for your immediate area, where people can request or offer help as and when they need it.

This would be a great platform for getting the community to create a neighbourhood Easter egg hunt which is completely safe. Not only will it provide some excitement for children in the area, but it will also create that real sense of community.

A safe neighbourhood Easter egg hunt involves putting a colourful, egg-shaped piece of paper up in your window. These could be cut out of paper and decorated by your children, or even cut from a magazine or newspaper. You can stick any number of these to your windows (just make sure it’s facing the street).

This idea is so that families can go for a short walks or drive around the neighbourhood – or even look out of their windows – and hunt for Easter eggs which will keep the whole family entertained!

Easter Egg Hunt at Home

For many of us, the fun of an Easter egg hunt comes at the end, when you get to eat the chocolate! Setting up one in the house or in the garden, means that this year’s traditions don’t have to change.

The supermarkets and other food shops are still open, which means it shouldn’t be difficult to find chocolate eggs – some stores are already well stocked. Or, there may be volunteers and groups in your area offering to drop off Easter eggs to those who can’t get to the shops for any reason. Check online for information specific to your area. You could even create an Easter hamper for those to enjoy the sweet treats too.

Spend Time With Family Virtually

Get a spot at the table with the rest of your family by using apps like Houseparty, Facetime or Skype to sit down for your usual Easter Sunday dinner. Make the good times last longer by having a virtual Easter egg hunt, quiz or games too!

Attend an Easter Service Online

If you usually go to church at Easter, there will be many options online for you to virtually get there. The BBC will be showing Easter services, as well as broadcasting on local radios. You could also find out if your local church is planning to livestream their Easter service too.

Put up an Easter Tree

In Germany, it’s traditional at this time of year to collect a few small branches which are showing the signs of spring, and bringing them into your home to decorate for Easter. These sprigs are propped up in a jar or vase, and hung with brightly coloured eggs, wooden rabbit ornaments and fluffy chick decorations – it’s like a Christmas tree, but for Easter time.

When you’re stuck indoors for much of the time, bring the outdoors inside and feel your home with a little bit of nature, it might just put a bit of Spring in your step too. If you’re unable to get out for a walk or you don’t have a garden, ask a neighbour or friend nearby to drop some off for you – only if that person is already out and passing by!

To make this a new tradition for you and your family, you might not have any of these Easter decorations hanging around, but get crafty and get the kids involved in making your own - you could cut egg shapes out of brightly coloured paper or card (food packaging can also work for this if you don’t have any other materials), or make bunnies out of cotton wool balls. There are plenty of ideas online for children (and adults!) of all ages.

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