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If you’re looking for an ideal beach holiday this year, it’s likely you’ve considered the usual destinations; the Costa del Sol, Tenerife and Majorca, for instance. Rather than compete for a space on the beach, why not consider an alternative destination?

The world is full of beautiful beaches that are just waiting to be enjoyed, but this can easily be forgotten. Popular destinations are more likely to be advertised by travel agents and you may feel more comfortable taking a beach holiday somewhere you’ve been before - or somewhere your family or friends have recommended to you.

While others’ opinions and experiences are worth considering when choosing a holiday destination, it’s also important that you choose a place that you really want to visit. After all, it’s your hard-earned money that is paying for the trip. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 6 interesting beach holiday ideas that may well spark some inspiration for your next vacation.

1. Split, Croatia

Croatia has some of the most stunning beaches in Europe and is an up-and-coming holiday destination for Brits looking for sunshine, sand, and clear blue waters. Split is a seaside town on a stretch of coastline known as the Croatian Riviera and is famous for its five clean beaches. Each beach has its own personality; so whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach, a quiet beach, a beach perfect for swimming or a vibrant beach with bars and restaurants - Split has it all to offer.

The temperature in Split between May and September can reach up to 30°c and sees very little rainfall. Split has its own airport, which you can reach from a number of UK airports - including Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and London.

2. Cala Galdana, Menorca

If you like Majorca but want to mix things up a bit, why not visit the sister island, Menorca, instead? Some would argue that Cala Galdana is Menorca’s finest beach. Located at the base of the Algendar Gorge, the white sands are flanked with dramatic cliffs and lush greenery on one side and clear calm waters on the other. It’s a popular destination for visitors and therefore has all the amenities you’d expect – nearby hotels, sun loungers, water sports and restaurants mean you’ll want for nothing during your stay.

The temperature in Menorca between May and September is usually between 20°c and 25°c and the bay is very sheltered from winds. Cala Galdana is around 20miles from Mahón airport, which can be reached by direct flights from Birmingham, London Gatwick, Luton, Nottingham and Manchester.

3. Queens, New York

When you think of New York, you don’t necessarily think of beaches. However, New York is home to more than one underrated beach and is definitely worth visiting if your family is torn between a beach holiday and a sightseeing one – in New York you can do both! Rockaway Beach in Queens is popular with locals for surfing and sunbathing. It also boasts a vibrant boardwalk where you can buy food and drinks.

The climate in New York is similar to the UK, but the summers can be a little warmer with an average of 25°c. You can fly direct to New York from most major UK airports.

4. Vai, Crete

The stunning beach of Vai, in Crete, is a real hidden gem that’s perfect for couples or older families to enjoy. Located on the edge of the largest natural palm forest in Europe, the beach itself emerges from lush palm trees, which provide shade and privacy at the top end of the sand. The sea is clean and blue, thanks to the area’s protected status. You’ll need to travel a little way to reach the beach as it’s surrounded by palm forest, so staying in the nearby town of Sitia is recommended.

The average temperature between May and September is around 25°c, and the area sees very little rainfall during the summer months. You can fly to Crete from most major UK airports, and it’s around a 2hr journey to Sitia from the airport at Heraklion.

5. Yvonand, Switzerland

Although Switzerland is a landlocked country and therefore has no coastline, you can still enjoy some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches here. Switzerland’s secret beaches can be found on lakes, which are surrounded by forested hills and beautiful distant mountains. Even though the beaches at Yvonand can be found around Lake Neuchâtel, they aren’t made of pebbles but fine white sand. What’s more, the lake is calm and still, which makes it perfect for those who may be a little nervous of the sea.

The average summer temperature in Yvonand is around 20°c, although it may well be warmer in July and August. You can reach Yvonand via the airport at Bern, which is about an hour’s drive away. London airports will get you to Bern direct, while other UK airports may fly to Zurich or Geneva for connecting flights to Bern.

6. Sitges, Spain

The town of Sitges is an ideal destination for those who like to party at the beach, but who may be bored of Ibiza and other more popular destinations. The old town is full of Spanish charm, and is located just 30km south of Barcelona and therefore very easy to get to. The beaches are blessed with golden sand and the calm Mediterranean Sea, and you’ll have plenty to do once the sun goes down and the bars open up.

The average summer temperature is between 22°c and 28°c, but due to the sheltered nature of Sitges, it can become much hotter than this. You can reach Sitges by flying to Barcelona from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Edinburgh.

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