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Mother's Day, Gifting, Budgeting
Mother’s day is almost upon us, where we celebrate the women who gave us life and honour those who have loved and nurtured us, whether they’re family or not. As the advertising for mother’s day ramps up in supermarkets and eateries, it’s likely you’ve been considering how best to pay tribute to the mums you know and love.

Trying to choose a gift to express just how appreciated mothers are can be really difficult; you’d buy her the world if you could, but what if money is a little tight? Many have to watch the pennies these days, and this can make mother’s day gift shopping feel a little desperate. How do you show how much you care, without having to break the bank? Fear not – we have 5 great gift ideas that are both thoughtful and reasonably priced. Read on to find the perfect gift idea for the most important woman of all.

Spend the day together

If you don’t get to spend a lot of quality time with your mother, then the best gift you could give her is your time and presence. Why not plan a day out together with a set budget in mind and have fun reconnecting over the things you enjoy? You could grab a coffee or light lunch or enjoy a springtime walk. If you’d rather stay in, you could have an indoor picnic and watch her favourite films, or look through family photographs together.

With a ‘gift’ like this, you can decide how much or little you spend depending on what you would prefer to do. If you have siblings, perhaps see if they would like to get involved and split the cost. Of course, this type of gift could be a surprise if you live far away - which would make for a very memorable mother’s day.

Create a photo album

Whether you see it as a good thing or not, physical photographs are no longer commonplace now that our images are mainly stored digitally. However, the likelihood is that your mother grew up in a time where photo albums were the only way to keep and look back on treasured memories. Why not create a special photo album of your life together, compiled from family photos (which you can scan if you can’t use the original) and more recent digital images. It’s simple to have photos printed from a memory stick or even directly from Facebook. You can do this via online services or at photo printers in supermarkets or on the high street.

If an album isn’t quite right, why not find a reasonably priced photo frame in a style that your mum would love? You can put a great picture of you both in it, and perhaps even write a heartfelt message on the back to make it extra special.

Pre-owned jewellery

If you want to get your mum something really special that she can unwrap, why not treat her to a special piece of jewellery? You may feel that this could be out of your price range, but have you considered opting for pre-owned jewellery instead? You can save money compared to buying new designs, and the choice of styles is much wider. As precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum are made to last and be passed from person to person over time, you can find something that is as good as new and that would make an impressive gift very easily.

Here at H&T Pawnbrokers, we hold a wide range of pre-owned, fully authenticated jewellery in stock at all of our 247 nationwide stores. Our in-house experts can guarantee that every piece is genuine and you’ll find all types of jewellery from a wide range of eras and suitable for a wide range of budgets. As our stock is pre-owned, there is no knowing what treasures you’ll find at your local branch. You can find your nearest H&T Pawnbrokers by using our store finder feature – come in and browse anytime and remember that our stock is always changing, so it’s worth checking back if you’re after something specific.

Get creative with flowers

Flowers are a very traditional mother’s day gift and after Valentine’s Day it’s one of the busiest times of year for florists. If you plan to give your mum some flowers in person - rather than have them delivered - why not help your money go further by creating your own bouquet? Many supermarkets and florists will have inflated prices thanks to the popularity of mother’s day flowers and you may not find something quite right within your budget.

If you have your own garden or outdoor space, there may be some flowers, blossom, or pretty foliage that you can use to create your own bouquet. Better yet, create a bigger and better one by combining some bought flowers with your own. This gives it a personal touch, and you can pick and choose the flowers that your mum likes the best. If you don’t have your own garden, there may be somewhere else to pick wildflowers near you, but remember to avoid private land and stick to public areas only.

Your bouquet could be tied up with a ribbon in her favourite colour, or wrapped with decorative paper. If you find a nice vase within your budget, it may be a nice idea to gift the vase and flowers as one.

Create a Mum hamper

Sometimes the traditional gifts like the ones listed above just don’t quite cut the mustard where certain mums are concerned. Not all mothers are into flowers and jewellery – so what can you do for the mums with more unique tastes? If you’re struggling to know what to get your mother, why not create your own ‘Mum hamper’?

Find a basket, a gift box, or wrap a cardboard box in pretty paper then fill it with all of her favourite things. This could be a bottle of her favourite tipple, a box of biscuits or sweets that she loves, or a book you think she’d like. You can add literally anything that you think will make her smile. Try to think outside the box – it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you and your mum! This is a great personalised gift that can really help your money go a long way. It’s always the thought that counts.

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