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  • All of our frequently asked questions regarding pawnbroking can be found with detailed answers on this page. If you have any further questions or can not find what you are looking for, please visit our contact us page to get in touch. 



Can I pay off my pawnbroking loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your loan in full at anytime either instore or online. Interest is charged daily, so you will only pay for the time your item is with us.

What is paydown and how does it affect my loan?

Paydown gives you the facility to make regular payments over the loan term by paying part of the principle loan amount and interest which can result in you paying less over the loan term and picking up your item quicker than if you renew. Each time you make a payment it starts the contract for a further six months

What are Partial Payments?

If you have some available funds that you would like to put towards your loan, but is not enough to pay off the entire loan, we can put a partial payment against your outstanding loan. A partial payment does not affect the contract term but can offset an amount of the interest accrued at the point of redemption. A partial payment would not prevent your item going to auction but is another option to help ensure you are able to get your item back. In the event your item does to go to auction, you will receive a refund of the partial payments made.

What if I need more time to pay to get my item back?

Firstly, please don’t worry, we will work with you and come to an arrangement which is right for your personal circumstances. At H&T we want you to get your item back and we provide one month’s grace on every pawnbroking contract (interest is charged during this grace period). Other arrangements include renewing, partial payments or paydown, all of which can help you with getting your item back. Our stores are here to help you, please get in touch to find out more about how we can support you.

How can I pay back my pledge?

You can pay either instore or online. Instore we accept cash as well as card.

You have asked me to speak to a central team and not the store, why is this?

In a small number of cases, your pawnbroking agreement will be passed to our specialist team who are trained in making sure that the pawnbroking product is still suitable based on your personal circumstances. This team will support you if needed and ensure you are aware of your options.

Where is your Customer Service team based, and whyare they different to a store?

Our customer service teams are based in our Liverpool office. They are not based instore for a number of reasons. Firstly, being in an office we can offer our customer support outside of core retail hours when our stores are typically open. They can also offer tailored support to our customers in the event that they need it.

Can I come back and borrow more?

When taking out a pawnbroking contract we will usually ask you how much you want to borrow along with the maximum loan amount based on the individual items value. If you borrow less than the maximum loan amount you can borrow more by paying off the initial loan and any accrued interest and starting a new contract for a higher loan amount.

Can someone else pick up my item for me?

Yes, they can, as long as they have the original loan agreement and pay off the loan amount and any interest accrued.

What if I have lost my pawnbroking contract?

If you have lost your contract and your item(s) are below £5,000 please visit your store. They will verify you are the account holder and you will be required to complete an Affidavit which the store will print for you.

If your item(s) are £5,000 or over the above would apply but the Affidavit would need to be signed by a solicitor which would typically incur a small charge from the solicitor.

What is the online process for picking up my items?

Once you have paid off your loan online, you will receive a payment receipt. You will need to bring this receipt into the store which holds your item(s), and then complete an online declaration form .form .You will then be handed back your items.

What happens if I don’t pick up my item?

Ultimately if you don’t pay for and pick up your item, we will sell it at auction to recover the monies owed. Once auctioned, you would not owe us any money and if your item sells above the loan amount plus interest, you will be owed the difference. This is called surplus. We will contact you via letter and email to let you know if there is any surplus owing.

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