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When is the Best Time to Book Your 2020 Holiday?

As we reach the end of what has felt like the longest January in history, many of us are beginning to think about booking a holiday for later in the...

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Luxury Watches, Omega, Travel

A Deep Dive Into The World of Water-Resistant Watches

When choosing a new watch for a collection, many people prioritise timepieces which have some level of water resistance. Not only does it make the watch more practical for being...

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Your Guide to Calming Crystals

Most of us seek mindfulness and peace, but in today’s digital world it can be hard to turn the noise down. Crystal healing is an ancient practice where you hold...

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Women, History

Women's history month: 4 powerful women in finance

While the world of finance was once perhaps seen as a man's game, women are really coming to the forefront of this industry. In fact, a recent review has found...

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Pawnbroking, Women

Women In Pawnbroking: A Spotlight

March is Women’s History Month, which is an annual celebration of women all over the world. You’re likely to notice various celebrations, promotions and events as the month goes on,...

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Women, Pawnbroking

Women In Pawnbroking – A Spotlight Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of our Women in Pawnbroking interviews, which we’re publishing this March in celebration of International Women’s Day. Here at H&T, we’re taking the opportunity to...

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Where Did Pawnbroking Come From?

Pawnbroking is a very old financial service – in fact it’s believed to be the oldest form of money lending in the world. The first record of pawn loans have...

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What You Can Expect From Us In The Future

2019 has been an exciting time for us at H&T. We caught up with our Operations Director, Mark Harrold, to get his thoughts on what’s happening and what you can...

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