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How can you get the best price when selling your old or unwanted items? Many will agree that one of the most important aspects of selling is to wait until demand is high. Looking at current trends can help you avoid making large losses and may just help you to realise the value of something you had deemed undesirable.

Here at H&T Pawnbrokers, we buy hundreds of items outright every day from members of the public who have decided to part with something of value. Our professional teams of in-house valuation experts keep fully up to date with current and historical selling trends to ensure that our customers get a fair price.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular items to sell in 2017, so if you’re looking to sell any of the below items, now may be the best time to do so!


Smartphones have become something of a cultural phenomenon, and the number of smartphone users is ever-rising. Of course, once you’re used to a smartphone it becomes very difficult to go back to a more basic mobile phone. Regular upgrades are always sought after and many prefer to have the best smartphone they can afford - this creates plenty of demand.

At the moment, Samsung Galaxy models and iPhones are very popular and offer a good resale price, particularly the most recent models, the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7. Remember - the more time goes by, the more smartphones depreciate in value due to new model releases. Therefore, if you’ve just upgraded to something new then now is the time to sell your old smartphone, no matter the make.

In general, however, most iPhone models will be easy to sell due to the global popularity of the brand. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a good price compared with other models of a similar age.


Gold prices have seen a steady rise in value historically, with a steep upward trend from the year 2000 onwards. In this decade, the gold price peaked in 2011 and has been fluctuating since, so it’s always a good idea to check out what the most recent price trends are before deciding to sell. However, since 2011 the price of gold has never dropped to pre-2009 prices, so if you bought gold prior to this you’re almost certainly going to make a decent profit by selling it today.

During times of economic trouble and political uncertainty, the value of gold tends to increase. This is because it becomes a substitute for traditional money no matter what the currency, and therefore has universal value. If you have gold to sell, keeping an eye on the headlines could help you to predict price changes.

Rolex Watches

All high-end watch brands have a good resale value, but none are quite as popular as the timeless Rolex brand. Any genuine Rolex watch will sell well, especially if it’s in good condition. They are well-made watches which have stood the test of time and are renowned the world over for their quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, their popularity has also ensured that they’re very frequently copied, and some fakes can be extremely convincing. Our experts will ensure that any watch bought into us is authentic and will help you to understand the features which make it so.

The most popular Rolex watches include the Submariner, the Datejust, the GMT-Master and the Daytona.

Emerald Jewellery

When it comes to gemstones (excluding diamonds), what sells well is often dictated by current fashion trends. In 2017, green is a popular colour and therefore green gemstones such as emerald and beryl are seeing a rise in value. The carat of a gemstone also affects the value, as does the size and colouration. Decorative pieces made of jade or with jade detailing are also of interest to buyers – particularly older pieces.

Our in-house experts can give you plenty of information about any piece you bring in to us, or alternatively you can ask for a valuation estimate by sending us pictures and full details with 24hours via our online form. You can find your nearest H&T store by using our store locator.

PlayStation or Xbox

Here at H&T, we don’t just buy gold, watches and jewellery. We also buy electronics of all types, with games consoles being very popular every year. The two main games consoles are arguably the Xbox and the PlayStation. The new Xbox – the Xbox One X –is due to be released at the end of 2017, and the value of current and previous Xbox models is therefore likely to drop once it hits the market. Therefore, if you’re thinking of selling your Xbox now may be the best time to do so.

Silver Cutlery & Tea Sets

You may not realise that H&T also buy art and antiques and are open to making an offer on a wide range of pieces. Of course, antiques go through trends just as more modern items do. In some cases, it can be beneficial to hold on to items if you think interest in them will improve. This can be due to the release of blockbuster films set in that era, thus sparking a wider interest in those pieces. Waiting until a milestone anniversary since the birth or death of a person or event connected with your items can also be useful. In 2017, both John F. Kennedy and the Soviet Revolution turn 100 years old, so interest in items surrounding these are likely to fetch a good price.

In 2017, silver cutlery and tea sets are also seeing a rise in popularity due to interest from other countries (such as China) and a resurgence in formal dining.

If you have something to sell, come down to see us at any of our stores or contact us online for a quote. We always ensure our customers get the fairest possible price for their items, with accurate valuations from our knowledgeable and friendly team.

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