London Fashion Week Trends 2019

By Bryony Abbott Wed, Sep 18, 2019

Each year the fashion world struts into the spotlight and leaves an eclectic, thought-provoking trail of designs in its wake.

Prestigious designers fan their feathers like peacocks ready to showcase their perspective on fashion. Backstage artists paint masterpieces at the crunch of the clock. Models glide onto the runway serenely striking a pose.
It’s an immersive spectacle, not for the faint-hearted.

We’ll be sharing must-have jewellery styles from the September 2019 London Fashion Week trends.

Designer Roland Mouret sent one of his collections down the runway which highlighted where jewellery styles are going. In an interview he said:
"I'm self-taught. The journey of my work is when I drape. I'm still discovering, still teaching myself."

Roland’s inspiring approach to fashion (and life) is exactly how you should wear your jewellery. Firstly, draping jewellery? Yaaas. This can be another way to describe layering - which will continue to be a major trend this year, especially after London Fashion Weekend’s highlights.

This jewellery style choice is for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you prefer thin delicate chains, or larger than life jewellery, you can still layer. We’ll show you how 😉

Chunky Gold Necklaces

We saw a plethora of chunky gold necklaces. Mainly heavy-looking links, or circular designs, but always gold. This is what heavy chain necklace layering looks like. We’ve also showcased our own collection, which is a take on London Fashion Weekend trends.

Minimal Layering

If you wear simple, practical jewellery and you’re not too keen on chunky gold necklaces, this is for you. Have a look at how you can layer different jewellery styles from London Fashion Weekend trends without cramping your own style:

Side Note: Take from Roland’s words about discovery. If you’ve not worn chunky gold necklaces before, why not try it for a day? You are welcome to order something from us for a free viewing in your local store. That way you don’t need to worry about making a commitment, and you’ll have the store team to chat with.
Another jewellery style we picked up on from London Fashion Week trends is a gold pendant. Victoria Beckham’s collection features some bold pieces, like a large golden leaf. You can find something similar in style like this:

The last look we spotted, which is an acquired taste, is wearing a single earring. It’s a bit unusual, but now you know what’s coming up. We love the idea of a single earring, we can break up beautiful pairs for special requests so please just give us a holla if you’ve seen something you like.

The event of London Fashion Week is intended to challenge your outlook beyond solely fashion now. Statements are made symbolically through the clothes and accessories and this year there was plenty of discussion about taking care of the planet we live on.

It’s important to us we mention this, being a pre-owned watch and jewellery specialist. One of the many wonderful reasons to buy pre-owned is you can reduce the demand for fast fashion on the planet. The British Fashion Council who are responsible for London Fashion Week worked with the Blue Planet and created a documentary raising awareness through the hashtag “sustainable me”.
So now you know how to layer your jewellery styles whilst still being true to your own aesthetic, be it chunky gold necklaces or something a bit more minimal.