How To Update Your Jewellery Collection For Autumn/Winter 2019

By Bryony Abbott Thu, Oct 31, 2019

Summer is unfortunately behind us. But, with new colour palettes, accessories, and outfits to work with, the new Autumn/Winter season provides the perfect opportunity for us to switch up our style. So now that the weather has turned colder, it’s time to update our jewellery collections and make them Autumn/Winter ready.

Whether you’re shopping for new pieces or you would like to repurpose jewellery from your collection in new and creative ways, we’ll be taking you through the best pieces to choose for your cold weather outfits. We’ll also give you some tips for what to wear them with, as well as how to keep them in good condition.

Switch to pieces with warmer colours

You can easily determine what colour jewellery to wear depending on the palette of the season. Some years, Autumn/Winter fashion is frosty and features lots of cool tones like blue and grey. On these occasions, silver and platinum jewellery becomes the most popular.

In 2019/20, however, we'll all be wearing lots of fiery browns, beiges, oranges, yellows, and reds. That means yellow gold is by far the most popular precious metal of the season, as it complements these warm hues perfectly.
In terms of coloured jewellery that features gemstones or resins, jewel tones also work beautifully with the richness of this Autumn/Winter’s palette. So, you can complement your golds with bright ruby, amethyst, jade, and emerald elements to add luxurious pops of colour to your outfit.

Choose chunkier jewellery

Choosing the right pieces is the first step to building an autumn/winter jewellery collection, but looking after them is just as important, as well-maintained jewellery can last for a very long time and be re-worn in future seasons. Even high-quality gold can get dull over time, so make sure you clean your jewellery regularly and get any scuffs or scratches seen to by a professional restorer.

The brisk autumn and winter weather can also affect your accessories. Gold and silver jewellery are made from tough alloys, so a cold snap shouldn’t bother them too much. However, wintery conditions can cause thermal shock in your gemstones. This is where extreme temperatures or even just a sudden change in temperature causes them to fracture or pop, and poses a particular problem to opal, emerald, and tanzanite. So, it’s best to make sure your jewellery is covered up by your coat, a scarf, or your gloves if you know you’re going to be subjected to prolonged periods in bad weather.

You may also have noticed your rings get looser in winter — this is because the cold causes your fingers to contract and get smaller. As a result, it’s important to make sure you don't buy yours too big, as they will become even looser during this season and could slip off your finger.

This year’s Autumn/Winter jewellery is a lot different to what we’ve been wearing in previous seasons. The tips in this guide should make choosing your jewellery a lot easier and you’ll have your winter-ready jewellery collection built up in no time.

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