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Buyer's Edit Autumn/Winter 2021

In response to the pandemic, we curated a range that encouraged self-care and mindfulness.

It's been a tough year for everybody, so we wanted to include pieces that could be bought as a gift for a special person in need of some love, or for yourself - a reminder it's okay to put yourself first sometimes!

We worked closely with suppliers on designs and materials, so this range also feels very personal.

Unlike some of the brand names you might know, our range is made with solid gold, not plated. This means the pieces will always be worth their weight in gold, making them a gift that keeps on giving!

Chakra Necklace

"The Root Chakra symbolises being grounded and fearless which I really admire"

It's hard to select favourites...but my first pick is the 9ct yellow gold 'Root Chakra' necklace, partly because my birthstone is the ruby!

Chakra Red CZ | £90

What I love about all the Chakra necklaces is the size of the pendant makes it easy to appreciate its beauty. The addition of coloured stones are symbolic of each Chakra's power, they become extra personal if you have a connection with a particular colour too -like I do with red CZ as it's the same colour as ruby, my birthstone.

"Unlike some of the brand names you might know, our range is made with solid gold, not plated."

Zodiac Jewellery

My next pick has to be the stunning 9ct yellow gold zodiac pendants. These can be thrown on to any chain you've got - so if you're like me and constantly switching between a curb, rope, figaro etc... it's the perfect accessory. We have all 12 zodiac signs but I'm a cancer, so mine is the pendant that symbolises the crab. These are made from solid gold and have a beautiful frosting of CZ around the edge which makes it really glisten in the light.

Zodiac Pendant | £85

Agate Stones

My final pick is the 9ct yellow gold agate ring. The stone on this ring is a whopping 5.4ct and is such a beautiful green colour - it's a real show stopper. The design is asymmetric which gives it a really unique look.

"Usually I like to be covered in gold jewellery, but when I wear this ring I skimp on my other gold pieces as it really is a feature piece."

Agate Ring | £125

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