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Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a horophile, there’s one type of watch that’s doubtlessly captured your attention: the adventure watch.

Adventure watches can be invaluable in the great outdoors, boasting a whole host of useful features such as compasses, thermometers, barometers and altimeters.

The rise of mobile technology may mean that our smartphones and other devices have taken over the role of adventure leader somewhat, but there’s no denying that there’s something special about ditching the iPhone and heading out into the wilderness with just a wristwatch and a map.

Aside from how handy they can be, adventure watches are some of the most aesthetically pleasing models available on the market. Their sturdy, sporty exteriors lend a masculine edge to the look of the watch. Plus, the extra features and complications on the watches can help give a unique edge to your chosen timepiece.

So, without further ado, below are some of our favourite adventure watches that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

Rolex GMT Master II

First released around 1982, the Rolex GMT Master II is based on the original 1954 GMT Master designed for the pilots and navigators of Pan American Airways. Today, it is a cosmopolitan and professional-looking watch perfect for jet-setters.

This impressive timepiece shows two different time zones simultaneously through an additional hour hand and can be easily adjusted to local time without stopping. Even more impressively, an additional third time zone can be discerned by the wearer thanks to the rotatable bezel.

A handsome watch with a vintage-looking jubilee bracelet, there’s no wonder this Rolex is in such high demand — and it can help you keep on top of your travelling with ease.

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Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer range is another series of aviation-inspired mechanical chronograph — you can tell by the fact they feature large watch faces with various pilot complications. They’re extremely reliable because they had to be: they were released before GPS and other kinds of advanced tech that help pilots fly safely today.

This watch is so popular and synonymous with aviation that it has produced many airline-specific editions over the years, including a model for Pan American Airways. The design of this timepiece has also undergone many updates to include the latest modern features, so you know you’re getting the very best in technology when you buy a Breitling Navitimer.

If you’re heading outdoors to explore the wilderness, this is the watch that can help you find your way home again.

We have many Breitling watches for you to explore, so why not take a look?

TAG Heuer Formula 1

If you’re after a more casual-looking but no less professional sports watch, the Formula 1 is among the highest performing out there and perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle.

This model encompasses racing technology rather than navigation — that means it’s all about speed. In terms of complications, you can expect the very best in precise timekeeping and measuring tools to keep you on time — it’s so accurate and impressive that it’s worn by driving champions and celebrities the world over.

So, whether you want a technically brilliant watch or bold statement look, the TAG F1 is definitely one to consider, but it’s especially perfect for running, cycling, or riding vehicles in the wilderness.

You can find our collection of TAG Heuer watches here.

Chanel J12

What’s more iconic than Chanel? The ultimate classy yet modern watch, launched as recently as 1999, the Chanel J12 is a luxury offering that combines the best of Swiss watchmaking with French design.

This watch focusses on accuracy and has a thinner case than other sports watches, so it’s never going to weigh you down. Although the dressiest watch on this list, the Chanel J12 contains an impressive self-winding movement and is still rugged and durable enough to join you on your adventure — and reliable enough to help you on your way.

This high-performing watch is perfect if you want to do your own thing and look good while doing it.

Whether you’re looking for your first watch, a new adventure companion, or something different to add to your collection, adventure watches are bound to win you over. There are so many subcategories to consider within this bracket — diving, racing, aviation — that there’s an adventure watch for everyone.

If you’re still deciding what to buy, we have plenty of helpful resources in our blog to help you choose your perfect wristwatch such as our handy watch buying guides. We offer all sorts of advice, from gift suggestions to jewellery tips, so let us help you find what you’re looking for.

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