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    We believe in the timelessness of Cartier luxury watches – and that everyone deserves to live the experience of owning one. Browse our selection of second-hand Cartier watches below and step into the world of opulence. Our competitive prices guarantee that you’ll find a Cartier timepiece to suit your taste and budget.

    With models such as the Tank Francaise, Santos, Pasha and Roadster to name but a few, H&T features vintage Cartier watches as well as present-day models. We have a wide variety of men’s and ladies’ watches, all of which are meticulously maintained.

    Cartier Watch Heritage and History

    Cartier’s iconic timepieces have for over a century decorated the wrists of aristocrats, celebrities and highly influential figures. Originally a jeweller, Louis-Francois Cartier entered the world of horological creations in 1904, when he made the first modern wristwatch for his friend, Albert Santos-Dumont. The birth of the distinctive Cartier Santos collection followed soon afterward.

    Dubbed by King Edward VII “joaillier des rois, roi des joailliers”, meaning “jeweller to kings, king of jewellers”, Cartier was named the king’s official purveyor of fine jewellery in 1902. Cartier’s association with royalty dates back even further to the 1800s, though. The brand’s luxury goods were adorned by Princess Mathilde, cousin of Emperor Napoleon III, the first of the company's many noble customers. It then entered the courts of Portugal, Russia, Egypt and Monaco, among several others.

    The social elite continues to flock to join the brand’s client list, which includes names like Audrey Hepburn, Sammy Davis Jr, Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie.

    Why buy a second-hand Cartier watch?

    Owing to their rarity, quality and high demand, Cartier’s timepieces are often resold. They retain their style and value, meaning that they are not heavily impacted by depreciation. This is especially true for the Tank and Santos gold models. The price can be drastically reduced when a watch is used compared to a new one. After this drop, though, the value stabilises – but can rise again if the model becomes a collectible due to higher demand. This means that you, too, can wear an instantly recognisable watch design – without breaking the bank. Our stunning selection of pre-owned Cartier watches is often at a fraction of the original retail price, and you can expect it to remain relevant and glamorous for years, if not decades, to come. In addition, you have more design options when you decide to buy a second-hand watch. Buy with confidence from a name that you can trust. Each of our used Cartier watches has been meticulously assessed by expert horologists. Every timepiece is supplied with an authentication card to mark the passing of the tests that it underwent and comes with a one-year warranty.

    Which pre-owned Cartier watch should I buy?

    It all depends on your taste and budget but Tank models are the most collectible; they have been spotted on the wrists of Princess Diana, Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie. The first Cartier Tank was created in 1917, inspired by WWI tanks, for General Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force. The rectangular cut is unmissable, and it comes in a variety of materials and designs, with the Solo and Louis models being the most classic. The Santos de Cartier line of timepieces stands among the world’s first pilot watches. The first Santos was crafted for Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont, who wore it in 1906 during his first public flight. Collectors choose to Santos timepieces because they represent determination and success. Celebrities spotted wearing this design include Rami Malek, Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniel Kaluuya. Calibre de Cartier timepieces are sporty and made for a busy schedule. They combine luxury with practicality, making them desirable for businesspeople. They also retain their value and boast tourbillons among other features. If this is your first time buying a Cartier watch, choose a Calibre to wear every day. Whichever of our collection of pre-owned Cartier watches you select, rest assured, you will love it!

    What are collectible watches?

    This distinct category of pre-owned timepieces includes highly desirable vintage watches. Luxury items are made in relatively smaller quantities and, the older that a model gets, the rarer that it becomes. Instead of depreciating, those watches gain more value over time. However, it’s not easy to predict whether your watch would become a collectible. On the list of classic collectible pre-owned Cartier watches is the Santos-Dumont. One of the first wristwatches, this luxury timepiece is a huge milestone for the brand. Named after Louis Cartier’s friend, who requested its design, it was originally created to be used on a plane. In addition to its heritage, the Santos-Dumont boasts a stylish yet ageless design, making it perfect for collectors who wear their precious timepieces.

    Can I sell my Cartier watch?

    Whether you plan on reshaping your collection or simply wish to sell a luxury timepiece that you no longer wear, it’s a great idea to sell used Cartier watches. It could also be that the value of your watch has increased due to growing demand for it. If you’re looking to add yours to H&T’s collection of pre-owned Cartier watches, simply fill out our enquiry form and we will take it from there. Our team of experts will get in touch with you regarding next steps and watch assessment. You can also choose to either send the watch to us or bring it to one of our stores. It would be great if you have retained the original box and paperwork but, if you do not have them, H&T can still make you an offer. Every luxury timepiece has a unique hidden serial number, which we can use to verify its authenticity with the support of the manufacturer. You can also choose to part-exchange your watch. After filling out the same enquiry form and receiving an offer from us, you can choose a model from our collection of second-hand Cartier watches – or any other brand – and only pay the difference if ours is pricier. If your chosen watch is cheaper, we will pay you the difference.

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