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  • Omega Speedmaster Watches

  • Pre Owned Omega Speedmaster Watches

    Own a slice of history with a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster, one of the famed brand's signature models.

    Renowned as the first watch to be worn on the moon, we stock a wide range of Omega Speedmaster options in varying styles.

    The classic and sleek dark-hued dial features on many of the options we stock, while others offer illuminating champagne and grey, with strap options including metal and leather in tan and black colours.

    Omega Speedmasters exude class and sophistication and we're confident in the quality of our range of pre-owned options.

    Every second-hand Omega Speedmaster we receive is meticulously inspected by our in-house experts, who bring the best out of each model. Servicing, testing and cleaning are vital steps we take with every watch before it's listed for sale.

    We provide a certificate of authenticity and a one-year warranty with every pre-owned model we sell. You can also browse our complete range of Omega watches.

    The history of the Omega Speedmaster

    The Speedmaster was launched in 1957, taking its name from a target market of sports and motor racing timekeeping.

    But take off – literally – for the famous model would follow in the 1960s when the Speedmaster was chosen by NASA to adorn the wrists of astronauts exploring space.

    A variety of makes and models were tested to extremes to gauge their suitability for spaceflight. The Speedmaster came out on top after being tested to its limits of temperature, pressure, humidity, shock and more.

    This aspect of the model's history alone serves as the ultimate reminder of its enduring quality.

    Selected as the official chronograph of NASA missions, perhaps the three most famous astronauts – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins – each wore an Omega Speedmaster in 1969 when they boarded the Apollo 11 mission and became the first men on the moon.

    Aldrin's timepiece had the honour of being the first watch on the moon. Armstrong made his giant leap for mankind without his Omega Speedmaster which remained on board to replace a malfunctioning timer in the shuttle's cabin.

    Speedmaster professional models ever since honour this space legacy with an engraving on the case which reads: "Flight-qualified by NASA in 1965 for all manned space missions. The first watch worn on the moon."

    Why choose a used Omega Speedmaster?

    An enduring icon

    The Speedmaster's place in human history gives it a status that few models can match and will ensure it remains a desirable option for collectors for many years. If you're looking for something to elevate your own collection, a used Omega Speedmaster is a great option.

    Accessible prices

    A brand new Speedmaster in its classic Moonwatch design is likely to cost you over £5,000. While we stock some used Speedmasters at around half that price, you can also find rarer and more complex options for comparable prices.

    Pioneering performance

    Every watch we sell comes backed by a meticulous testing and cleaning programme to ensure your second-hand Omega Speedmaster is in top condition. When it comes to maintaining its condition, check out our guide to cleaning your watch so it keeps ticking along perfectly.

    Why buy a used Omega Speedmaster from H&T?

    • Quality you can rely on

    When you buy an Omega Speedmaster second-hand, you expect a quality item based on the brand and model's reputation alone. And we go the extra mile to deliver on your expectations, rigorously preparing every watch before it's sold. Then we provide you with a certificate of authenticity and our one-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

    • 30 days to change your mind

    If you're not happy with your used Speedmaster for any reason, you can return it up to 30 days from the date of purchase. As long as you have a valid receipt and the packaging and product remain in the same condition as when you bought it, you can choose to exchange your watch or get a refund.

    • Experts on hand

    With access to fully qualified horologists, our team is well prepared to answer all kinds of questions on the watches we sell and the buying process with H&T. Either contact us online or visit one of our 270+ UK stores.

    Where can I buy a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster?

    You can visit one of our 270+ branches across England, Scotland and Wales. We have more than 50 stores in London alone where you can see one of our Speedmaster models up close. And if you want to ask us a question before visiting us, then get in touch today.

    Find your perfect Omega Speedmaster watch

    Our smooth and safe online store makes it simple for you to add a pre-owned Omega Speedmaster to your collection. Rest assured that all orders will be delivered securely by our trusted courier partner.

    Contact us if you want to discuss a specific model listed online or check details such as pricing and availability. Our FAQ page also has lots of useful information on shopping with H&T.

    You can also browse our entire collection of pre-owned Omega watches.