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    We provide quality second-hand diamond rings to suit every type of occasion. If you're planning to get married, then it's likely that you're looking for a beautiful engagement ring that delights you and your spouse. At H&T, we're proud to offer a varied selection of beautifully ornate second-hand diamond rings for sale.

    Choosing a diamond ring is an incredibly personal decision, so it's important to spend time thinking about your options. When it comes to getting the best value for the price you pay, our selection of pre-owned diamond rings could exceed your expectations.

    We're a specialist provider of high-quality, authentic used jewellery. After thoroughly checking each ring for authenticity, our in-house team expertly clean it to restore it to an impeccable standard. If you'd like to take a sustainable approach to buying a diamond ring, second-hand options make for brilliant choices.

    Buying a pre-owned diamond ring is better for the planet and helpful for your pocket, allowing you to buy luxury jewellery at lower price points. When you purchase with H&T, you can make use of our one-year warranty and 30-day returns policy too.

    Browse our complete range of second-hand diamond engagement rings online or at your nearest H&T store today. With over 270 stores in the UK, we're confident that you'll find the perfect pre-owned diamond ring near you. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

    Why buy second-hand diamond rings

    The right engagement ring doesn't need to be brand-new. Carefully selected and lovingly restored, second-hand diamond rings provide an alternative that's just as romantic and thoughtful. When you find one that's in nearly new condition, you could make big savings on that perfect engagement ring.

    Without knowing the perks of buying one, it's easy to overlook pre-owned diamond rings. We think there are plenty of reasons to buy a second-hand engagement ring, so we've listed a few here.

    One-off, original pieces

    Our selection gives you exclusive access to pieces you might not see anywhere else on the market. Since no second-hand diamond ring is the same as another, you could even find an elaborate piece with a fascinating history.

    From contemporary rings to restored vintage pieces, buying pre-owned means you can access rare, alternative and authentic rings. Much like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, after a second-hand diamond ring in our collection has sold, you won't be able to get it again. No matter its size, origin or diameter, each used diamond ring is something truly unique.

    Lower prices for quality stones

    Diamonds are cheaper second-hand. When you can't afford to compromise on the quality of the gemstone but are still looking for a cost-effective option, buying a second-hand diamond ring is the most intuitive choice.

    At H&T, we have real diamond rings to suit a wide range of budgets, all inspected and approved by our specialists. No matter how flexible or strict your requirements are, we're confident that our selection of second-hand sapphire and diamond rings will step up to the mark. If you'd like to combine diamonds with the finest gold, 22ct jewellery promises something truly exquisite.

    Sustainable, safe approach

    Pre-owned gemstones are ideal for those trying to make the least harmful choice for the planet. Unfortunately, the practice of diamond mining displaces natural environments and can disturb ecosystems within them. Buying a second-hand diamond ring means that you can prolong the lifespan of a ring harvested years ago and promote a circular economy.

    We encourage our clients to consider buying a second-hand engagement ring for this reason. There's a good chance that it will still look just like it did when it was brand-new. We have an incredible selection of eco-friendly men's and women's jewellery, epitomised by our second-hand diamond rings.

    Our collection of pre-owned diamond rings

    We don't just take any piece of jewellery. Before we list a used ring in our online catalogue, we ensure that it undergoes extensive checks and inspections first. Only once we're satisfied that it's authentic, durable and high-quality do we put a second-hand diamond ring up for sale. A few types of rings in high demand include:

    Women's second-hand diamond rings

    A diamond ring is a gift unlike any other. Whether for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, choosing a second-hand diamond ring from our exclusive online selection is guaranteed to make a wonderful choice for a special woman in your life. You can use our handy filters on the page to find the styles and details that she likes the most – or, if you'd like any tips first, our team will happily advise you when you get in touch.

    Men's used diamond rings

    Whether he'd prefer a classic gold or stylish platinum diamond ring, second-hand options provide a colourful variety of designs to choose from. It's easy to assume that diamond rings are usually worn by women but the truth is that these exquisite pieces of jewellery can be just as masculine as desired. Our collection of pre-owned diamond rings features stylish, elegant models just as suited to the office as they are to the ballroom.

    Second-hand diamond engagement rings

    If you're planning to propose soon, finding the right engagement ring is an important step. It needs to be something that not only suits their taste but resonates with your relationship too. Perhaps you're looking for a symbol that points to a specific memory, or maybe you'd prefer a ring that connects you both to a certain place. No matter the thought behind the gesture, you'll find the perfect piece in our second-hand diamond ring selection.

    Which styles of second-hand diamond ring are available?

    Before you buy a diamond ring for your engagement or another special occasion, it's a good idea to get to know some of the most popular styles. From the gemstone colour to its specific size and shape, the smaller details deliver a profound effect. A few to look out for include:

    Second-hand diamond trilogy rings

    Also known as a three-stone ring, diamond trilogy rings are easy to identify. They almost always have three diamonds set on the head of the ring, forming a classy and versatile design that's perfect for engagements. You can find a magnificent three-stone diamond ring second-hand with H&T.

    Pre-owned diamond eternity rings

    An eternity ring is different to an engagement ring, given as a symbol of lifelong commitment. Eternity rings typically hold a ring of delightful, identically cut stones within a band of precious metal.

    Second-hand vintage diamond rings

    Sometimes, big occasions call for bigger gemstones. Whether you're looking for a second-hand 1 or 2-carat diamond ring, vintage styles promise some of the most timeless designs. Think bold, beautiful diamonds on 22ct gold, seamlessly positioned as an emblem of love.

    How do I know if my used diamond ring is real?

    At Harvey & Thompson, we only ever list a piece of jewellery if we're absolutely sure about its authenticity. Our in-house jewellery experts conduct rigorous inspections to make sure that each piece meets our strict standards. We also confirm the hallmark and weight of each second-hand diamond ring that enters our catalogue, so you can rest assured that we know exactly where your jewellery comes from.

    We're so confident in the authenticity of our jewellery that we offer a 30-day return period on all pieces except new earrings. We want you to be pleased with your purchase but we're happy to return or exchange it to you if you return it in the same condition in which it was sold.

    Why choose Harvey & Thompson for a second-hand diamond ring?

    At H&T, we have over 120 years of industry experience. Our exclusive collection of second-hand men's and women's diamond rings includes some of the rarest, most exquisite rings for sale in the UK. Here are just a few of the reasons why you can rely on us to help you find the perfect used diamond ring:

    • Diamond rings at low prices

      We're proud to provide exceptional used diamond rings at accessible price points. When you buy a used ring with H&T, you can rest assured that you're getting a unique, authentic piece at a fraction of the price you'd pay for a brand-new ring.

          • Guaranteed quality

      Every used diamond ring sold with H&T comes with a one-year warranty. We carefully inspect the hallmark and only put a ring up for sale once we're sure of its origins, authenticity and real value.

          • 30-day return window

      We always want you to be pleased with your diamond ring but we understand that the gift might not be just right. As long as you return it to us in the same condition in which we sold it to you, we can exchange or refund a used diamond ring within 30 days of the day you bought it.

          • In-store expertise

      We're here for you at your nearest H&T store. We have jewellery experts ready and waiting to assist you at over 270 locations across the UK. Whether you'd like advice on choosing a used diamond ring or have specific questions about style, we can help.

      Do Harvey & Thompson buy used diamond rings?

      Yes. We're an established pawnbroker with the knowledge and expertise to help you secure a good price for your used diamond rings. We know that selling precious items can be hard, especially if it's a last-resort decision. When you sell jewellery with us, though, we make every effort to ensure that the process is simple, smooth and seamless.

      If you'd like to know more about how we buy diamond rings and gold jewellery, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Buy a pre-owned diamond ring with H&T today

      Ready to find the perfect piece or pop the question? Shop our online selection of second-hand diamond rings for sale in the UK today to find intricately detailed and meticulously maintained luxury pieces.

      We try to showcase every detail with high-definition photographs on our website but we understand that you may still prefer to view a used diamond ring in person first. With over 270 stores across England, Scotland and Wales, we're confident that you can find the right second-hand diamond ring near you. Simply head down to your nearest H&T store, where a member of the team will be ready to assist you.

      If you have any questions in the meantime, we're happy to help. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us either online or by calling 0800 169 0780.

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