Trending Sells: The Top Items Being Sold During Lockdown

By H&T Pawnbrokers Tue, Aug 02, 2022
With the country on lockdown for the foreseeable future and the majority of the population currently isolating, things may have become a bit more cluttered around the house than usual.

Spring has sprung and as people are spending more time indoors, now is the perfect time to give your home a good spring clean, free up space and in the words of Marie Kondo, get rid of anything that doesn’t spark you joy.

We analysed listings on Gumtree to find out which items people were selling during lockdown alongside looking at search volume data to find out which items people wanted to buy the most.

Here are some of the most popular items for sale to bring in those extra pennies…

Bicycles are the top-selling item on Gumtree during lockdown

Whilst practical in terms of mixing up the current ‘unlimited exercise’ rule, bicycles take up quite a hefty amount of space in the home. When analysing the sales listings data on Gumtree, there were more listings for bicycles than any other item!

Out of more than 1,000 listings scraped from Gumtree, these were the Top 18 most common items for sale

Rank Top Selling Items
1 Bicycles
2 Collectables
3 Baby toys
4 Household goods
5 TV’s
6 Freebies
7 Wardrobe shelving storage
8 Samsung mobile phones
9 Prams
10 Dining room furniture
11 Miscellaneous goods
12 Fitness gym equipment
13 iPhone
14 Instruments
15 Freestanding cookers
16 Laptops
17 Jewellery
18 Desktop workstations

Coming in second place were listings that featured collectable items. One of the broadest listing categories, collectables features everything from rare coins to meerkat movies dolls. Baby toys and prams also make the list, for those who finally have time to clear out the children’s items that they no longer need, giving others the option to snap up something useful for a fraction of the price.

As gyms and leisure centres close, people have been keeping fit at home. But where there are bargains to be had, pre-owned fitness equipment has unsurprisingly made its way into the top 18 categories.

We also found that there were a large number of listings for dining room furniture, including tables and chairs, suggesting that people are using this time to free up space in their home and get rid of bulky items that they no longer need or have use for. And with more people working from home and creating makeshift office spaces, the number of desktop workstations for sale has shot up.

Unwanted jewellery items are also high on the for sale list, ranging from vintage brooches to Pandora charms and bracelets. Whilst this may seem like a quick and easy way to make some extra money, it’s hit and miss as to whether you will receive the best value for your jewellery. You may find a more competitive price for your pre-owned jewellery selling it to an expert, who can provide an estimate on your jewellery’s worth based on its weight, condition and sell-on value.

But how did this compare to items that people are currently searching for?

While many people are hoping to clear their head space by clearing their actual space, there are just as many people hoping to snap up a bargain as interest in online shopping increases.

We analysed search volume data, looking specifically at the increase month on month, to determine which items were the most sought after. And the results weren’t all that surprising.

The demand for face masks has soared in the last month or so, as people continue to Stay Alert whilst out shopping or exercising, adhering to safe social distancing measures. In fact, the term ‘face masks for sale’ has seen a whopping 5,450% search increase on Google in the last month.

Also coming up top in our most searched for items list, were tomato plants! With people spending more time in the garden to maximise their time outside, it’s no wonder that the demand for plants and veggies has risen in the last month. The term ‘tomato plants for sale’ has shot up 300% and ‘compost for sale’ has seen a 130% increase.

Based on increased search volumes, these are the Top 10 things people are wanting to buy

Items Searched “For Sale” Searches Per Month Percentage Increase vs Previous Month
Face masks for sale 15,000 +5,450%
Tomato plants for sale 6,600 +300%
Weights for sale 9,900 +200%
Hot tubs for sale 60,500 +180%
Compost for sale 8,100 +130%
Trampolines for sale 22,200 +90%
Dogs for sale near me 33,100 +70%
Puppies for sale near me 74,000 +70%
Horses for sale 12,100 +70%
Treadmill for sale 22,200 +60%

It isn’t just items people are looking to buy either. For some, the idea of having some extra company is appealing, with searches for dogs, horses and puppies all seeing a 70% increase since the beginning of lockdown!

Selling on Gumtree vs selling to us

Within the current climate, it’s important to be mindful of social distancing measures if you are selling on Gumtree or similar sites. Whilst this can be a great way to buy and sell quickly, you may not always get the best price for your items.

If you are wanting to sell your gold or pre-owned jewellery, you may be better off selling to an official buyer. We are now offering a hassle-free service to get your unwanted gold and jewellery valued during lockdown - without having to visit a store or go out of your way. Simply tell us what you would like to sell and we will send out a pre-paid envelope, we’ll then provide you with a valuation which you can either accept or decline. If you choose to accept our offer, the money will be within your bank account on the same day! If you decide not to, no hard feelings. We will return your items to you at no extra cost.

So there you have it, if you are looking to clear your head space, transform your home or are simply looking for some extra cash, then a spring clean could be the answer!