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Jewellery, Pre Owned Jewellery, Second Hand Jewellery
Here at H&T Pawnbrokers, we offer much more than just pawn loans. As well as Western Union, cheque cashing and foreign currency, our stores also have exciting pre-owned jewellery for sale.

Our stock comes to us through our buying department, where customers can sell their unwanted items for cash. We also scour local auction houses to ensure our stores are always stocked with an eclectic range of fine jewellery items. But why should you consider buying a pre-owned piece when you could simply buy something brand new from the high-street? You may be surprised at the benefits – read on to find out why you should consider pre-owned jewellery over buying new.


You get more for your money

One of the most useful reasons to buy second-hand jewellery is to do with the price. Fine jewellery which is made from a precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum is always going to hold some value, but newer pieces can be priced higher. This is because of the on-trend design, the name of the maker, or simply the fact that it’s new.

With pre-owned jewellery, these factors tend to have less sway and unless the piece has a known famous maker or is very rare, it’s likely to be priced based on the value of metal or gemstones it holds. As with most purchases, second-hand items command lower prices than their brand new counterparts. This means your budget is likely to go much further when looking at pre-owned pieces and you’ll be able to afford a better calibre of jewellery.

You have a wealth of choice

Humans have been fashioning precious metal into pieces of jewellery for thousands of years, and although you won’t find any pieces this old in our stores, you’re likely to find jewellery from a range of decades and time periods. This opens up the options available when it comes to the design of the piece – whether you like contemporary jewellery or something with more of a retro feel, all bases are covered.

With pre-owned jewellery, you also get more choice when it comes to the origin of the piece. In many of our branches, we stock a fabulous range of jewellery from all different cultures. These items can have some beautiful design features not commonly seen in traditional western designs.

You know it will stand the test of time

When you purchase an item of pre-owned jewellery, you already know that it has survived at least one previous owner. An old item of jewellery in good condition has already demonstrated to you that it is made well and, at this point, would be very unlikely to break or become damaged due to a design flaw.

Many people buy precious jewellery as gifts for loved ones, or to commemorate an important milestone in their lives. For this reason, we like to be able to pass our treasures on to the next generation. For those who have saved up to buy something particularly special, the fact a piece of jewellery has lasted so long is a real plus point.

You can own something with a story

Although you’re unlikely to find out where a piece has come from or how many people have worn it over the years, many of our customers love the fact that their chosen item has already been on its own journey. While it’s fun to imagine who first bought it when it was brand new, and where it has been since, you certainly don’t have to worry about what it’s picked up along the way.

This is because all of our pre-owned pieces are deep-cleaned and sterilised before going out on the shelf. By ensuring each piece is meticulously cleaned, our customers can buy with confidence: that necklace may be 70 years old and has travelled the world, but it’s as clean as the day it was first sold.

It’s environmentally conscious

Opting for a pre-owned item over a new one is always better for the environment, and precious jewellery is no exception. All precious metals, diamonds and gemstones must be mined from the earth, and in some cases this can cause environmental issues such as deforestation, loss of habitat and the pollution of waterways. In some countries, there are also reports of slavery issues in mining areas.

While it’s impossible to know which mines the materials came from to make your piece of jewellery, how it was extracted from the land, and by whom, there’s also an easy way to avoid creating demand for jewellery which has been sourced unethically – buy pre-owned pieces instead.

You can find completely unique pieces

Many modern jewellery items are mass-produced and if you buy new, you’re likely to have exactly the same necklace, pair of earrings or bracelet as many other people. As we like to splash out on fine jewellery to mark a unique occasion in our lives, why shouldn’t the reward be unique as well?

With such a wide range of designers, makers, origin countries and ages of the pieces we stock, you’re very likely to find completely unique jewellery items for sale in store. These make extra special gifts – a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery for a one-of-a-kind person.

Your jewellery is less likely to depreciate in value

As we mentioned above, the simple fact that a jewellery design is new, is enough to push the price higher. Once an item of jewellery is sold on, it may well depreciate in value – just like a brand new car. When you buy brand new jewellery, you are likely to make a loss if and when you decide to sell it in the future. However, when you buy pre-owned jewellery, the depreciation of the piece from new has already been absorbed by the original buyer. This means that not only are you getting a much better deal, but you’re also going to lose much less - if any - value if you one day decide to sell.

Pawnbroking Loans are secured on your items, if the loan is not repaid it will be sold to pay the debt.
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