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Akha Teej or to give its full title, Akshaya Tritiya, is a Hindu and Jains (an Ancient Indian religion) celebration to the deity Lord Vishnu. Join us and discover the fascinating story behind Akshaya Tritiya.

What is the meaning of Akshaya Tritiya?

The meaning of Akshaya is never diminishing, so people link it to a new beginning for financial prosperity and happiness.

When is Akha Teej?

The Spring festival is on the 26th April this year, but the date of it varies every Spring, so it’s worth checking each year.

Why do people celebrate Akshaya Tritiya?

Akha Teej is an auspicious (seen as a sign of good fortune) occasion, and because it means never diminishing, it is believed to be the best time for a new venture, like starting up a business, buying a car or home, making an investment.

It’s also a popular time to buy gold, -the belief is it will return endless wealth. There is a story behind Akshaya Tritiya also, it is about Lord Vishnu who created Krishna, his 8th avatar.

Lord Vishnu, the centre of the celebration, is the preserver God of Hindu religion, believed to protect the world. In the story, Krishna is facing financial struggle, and has no choice but to go to his schoolfriend who is now king of the land, Lord Vishnu.

Krishna visits Vishnu’s palace with a food offering, and the two friends reminisce and enjoy time together. Swept away in the joy, Krishna forgets to ask for Vishnu’s help, and before he knows it, is on his way home.

During the voyage he frets about how to explain to his family he returns empty-handed, but when he arrives home he is surprised at what he sees. What was his hut, is now a palace, and his family are dressed in luxurious clothes, well-fed and wealthy.

People also celebrate Akshaya Tritiya because it is a day of remembrance for loved ones who have passed. Although a person might not be in front of us, their memory can live on.

Akha Teej is regionally significant to women who pray for the wellbeing of the men in their lives or the ones they are yet to meet. After the prayers they hand out fresh fruit and Indian sweets.

What to do on Akshaya Tritiya
Donating and sharing is an important activity on Akshaya Tritiya. Food like rice, fruit, vegetables and salt are given as charity, also clothes. Buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya is popular, as well as gifting jewellery to loved ones.

The importance of Akshaya Tritiya partly comes from celebrating the welcoming of good fortune, and balancing that with generously sharing with others. Although buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya is a big part of the festival, buying and sharing food and clothes is another option those who don’t have the budget to buy gold.

Akshaya Tritiya Jewellery

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