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Meghan Markle’s due date inspired us to think about great push present jewellery ideas. Rumour has it the Royal family have a bit of a tradition for push presents, and after seeing Kylie Kardashian’s $1.4 million Ferrari push present from Travis Scott, we can see why it’s celebrated. For those of you who don’t know, a push present is a gift the father gives the mother before/after giving birth to their baby. It’s become a bit of a thing in the UK, so make sure you’re in the know!

Instead of traipsing through websites and shops, have a read of our best push present jewellery ideas. You’ll save yourself time and stress, and most importantly, have a very happy mummy.

  1. Charm for bracelet. Our stores often have adorable Pandora charms in their windows, a baby rattle, red heart shape or ‘mummy’ in italic font would be perfect.
  2. A locket. It’s worn close to the heart and some open to hold a special photo. If you wanted to give this after birth, you could print a meaningful picture of your bundle of joy and pop it inside a heart-shaped locket.
  3. Birthstone Jewellery. A crowd pleaser gift, especially if the mum-to-be already has a push present charm or locket related. A birthstone piece is less specific than charms and lockets, so you’ll find a great variety of options.
  4. Family heirloom which will stay with your family. Something which is a gift for mummy but also baby one day. This might be less realistic to find than our other options, but there’s no harm in asking a relative, you’d be surprised what people can find in their jewellery box.

It’s important to do something meaningful for a new mum, even if it’s a small gesture it will be well-received. We’d love to hear your push present stories, so please share them on social media with us!

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By H&T Pawnbrokers