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Whether you’re attending a formal event or simply getting dressed up for a day around town, a necklace is the perfect accessory to complement your outfit. These versatile accessories come in a variety of designs and styles, so there really is an option for everyone - and one thing they can vary a lot on is length.

So which is the right length for you? This handy guide will help you choose the perfect necklace chain length to suit your neck and style. Simply use the helpful image above and the information below when shopping for a necklace to find your ideal accessory.

16” Collar

The 16-inch necklace length usually wraps around base of the throat. For women with slender necks it may hang a little lower, and for those with wider necks may find that it sits a little higher. This style of necklace works with many different types of outfits and can be used for both formal and casual get-ups. The collar works particularly well with V-neck and scoop necklines but try to avoid them with higher necklines, such as turtlenecks, as your clothing may end up covering the accessory.

18” Princess

A princess necklace will lie against the collarbone. While there is no standard necklace length, this is the most popular chain length as it’s an incredibly elegant style. They’re ideal for everyday wear but they can be dressed up for a formal event too. These necklaces work with pretty much every style, but they complement both very high and very low necklines particularly well.

20–24” Matinee

The matinee necklace sits somewhere between the collar bone and the bust depending on your height. If you’re looking for a necklace that can be worn for both a formal work event and a casual get-together, this is a fantastic option for you. It does a great job at elongating the neck and works well with layering too. The matinee style works best over the top of turtlenecks and other high necklines.

26–34” Opera

This style of necklace sits around the bust, either on it or slightly below it. Just like the matinee necklace, the opera style is great for elongating the neck and can be used when layering necklaces too. It also works best with high necklines. The opera necklace can make an outfit look particularly glamorous, so if you have a formal dress with a high neckline, this accessory will pair perfectly.

35” Rope

The longest type of necklace easily available is the rope style. If not altered this style will sit below the waist, but it is usually worn wrapped around the neck at least once which typically takes it to somewhere around the chest. As you can wrap it as much as you want, it’s a pretty versatile style, making it the perfect choice for people looking to experiment with their accessories. This style works particularly well for formal occasions, including work events and evening wear.

Now you know which necklace length works best with different types of styles, why not treat yourself to some new accessories from us? As well as a great collection of necklaces and pendants, we also stock a variety of earrings, rings, and bracelets to complement the look.

Our collection of jewellery is available for men, women, and children, so everyone should be able to find an accessory they love in this range.

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