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We’ve been told to begin things with a disclaimer saying there’s no pressure to wear matching rings! It doesn’t mean you don’t love each other enough or that your relationship isn’t ‘goals’. We had to get that out the way, because since making this guide, we’re a teeny bit obsessed with twin bands.

Co-ordinating matching jewellery isn’t just a case of making every feature identical. You can opt for rings with the same metal, finish, colour and/or stone. Everybody has their own preference of rings as all humans and love stories are unique. Here are some things you can mix and match:

Matching Metal

There are ten metals people tend to stray between; platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, titanium, zirconium, tungsten, and steel. For the sake of the word count and not boring you into cancelling the wedding, we are going to focus on the main metals.

Platinum. Known as a ‘noble metal’ is popular for being the strongest precious metal used in jewellery. Platinum has an eternal shine, is 95% pure and incredibly rare.

Palladium. Another shiny noble metal but lighter than platinum, palladium has become a favourite for wedding rings as it holds value whilst maintaining ‘awe’ status.

White Gold. Alloyed with pure gold, palladium and silver this metal has a mirror-like polish. White gold is often used as a setting for diamonds as it gives the illusion the stone is bigger, hence the term ‘illusion setting rings’.

Yellow Gold. A traditional choice for its warmth in colour and hardness, available in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct. We don’t usually recommend picking 22ct gold, though it’s the purest carat it’s not durable for a lifetime marriage as it bends with force.

Rose Gold. This colour has been a bit of a sensation over the past few years with Apple releasing rose gold iPhones that went mainstream. This is still traditional in colour like the yellow gold, but it has that unique rose twist. Great if you want something a bit different but want to keep it classic.

Finish with a Flair

You’re a bit spoilt for choice here, to the point where the list goes on, so we’ve shortened it to our favourites:

Polish finish. The signature and most popular, this look is reflective and smooth to touch.

Satin finish. More about feel than shine, this finish is silky to touch and has a misty polish, like a starry night veiled in mist. If you want a little more texture you can choose a brushed finish.

Hammered finish. Although the name of this sounds a bit severe, we can assure you the process of creating this rippled look is calculated and careful. You can choose shiny or satin finished hammered rings.

Pattern and Stone

People tend to choose an engagement ring encrusted with stones, and wedding bands made of precious metals, but you are free to choose whatever makes you happy. There are plenty of stone shapes you can select, ‘round brilliant cut’ is considered the most expensive looking, but you can go for all different shapes and types of gems, like sapphires for example. Have a read of our blog on Sapphires where we feature a million-pound pear shaped stone.

You might have met at a rock concert and want matching rings with stones cut into the shape of a skull. Perhaps you share a love of pizza, so a stone shaped like a slice makes sense. To quote the man who used his iconic voice to sing about love, Frank Sinatra once said:

‘A simple ‘'I love you’’ means more than money’

Bear that in mind in your decision making. With the jaw dropping pictures of diamonds the size of a planet on social media, it’s normal to feel pressure to buy the most expensive rock out there. But truthfully (and excuse the extra serving of cheese), it’s not the ring that says those three/four words, it’s your heart.

You don’t have to just pick one finish, you could opt for a polished and satin finish, or a polished and hammered finish. If at this point you’re starting to feel a tad overwhelmed with all the options, and lets face it there are many, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our matching wedding inspo:

Pair of platinum rings, crisp in colour with iced glaze.

A real matching set, these wedding bands are both honey gold with diamonds set in a pattern, the engagement ring could follow in suit or be completely different.

Here, you could let your individual personalities to shine through with different engravings on the same metal, or you could both have the exact engraved ring.

Use this guide to decide the right match for you, narrow down the traits you would like to copy, then your search will be easier and enjoyable. Remember to have fun, the rings are central, but the most important thing is the rest of your lives together! If you love a piece just follow your heart and go for it, you can have rings re-sized and altered. Plus, our website is full of inspiration, and the wonderful thing about jewellery is every item is unique, like your partnership.

If you’ve seen our Trustpilot reviews, you’ll know you can trust us to serve your needs efficiently and with a smile.

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