Luxury Watch Brands: Trade In Your Watch & Spread The Cost

By Bryony Abbott Mon, Feb 26, 2018

Watches began as a practical way to tell the time on-the-go, and would have originally been attached to a chain and kept in a pocket. The wristwatch was invented later, and was initially incorporated into decorative jewellery and worn primarily by women. 

During the first and second world war, soldiers began wearing wristwatches so that they would have both hands free for using weapons and performing other essential battlefield tasks. This necessary innovation has resulted in watches becoming very popular with both men and women today.

Watches serve both a practical and decorative purpose, allowing the wearer to tell the time, date and other useful information whilst also acting as a statement of their personal taste and style. The watch is considered an acceptable piece of ‘jewellery’ for both sexes in the majority of workplaces - or in locations where a dress-code is enforced - where there may be restrictions on other adornments and accessories. This has given rise to a wide range of wristwatch styles, with high-end, luxury brands providing an irresistible combination of expert craftsmanship and an expression of style.

Our Luxury Watch Brands

Here at HandT - Shop Online (which is part of Harvey & Thompson, or H&T as we are better known) we’ve been buying and selling luxury watches for over 100 years. We know authenticity when we see it, and our in-house horologists ensure each watch is deep-cleaned and operational before it is put up for sale.

Watches which have been designed and manufactured by luxury brands like Rolex or Cartier are designed to last forever with the proper care, and for that reason many watches outlive their owners or are passed down to family members as an heirloom. As a watch is such a personal thing, the connection that one can feel to a departed family member via their watch is an important one for many people; it is partly through important links like these that luxury watch brands are coveted the world over, not to mention for their superior construction and working quality.

We deal with the majority of luxury wristwatch brands worldwide, including (but not limited to) Breitling, TAGHeuer, Omega, Cartier, Rolex, Chopard, Tudor and IWC Schaffhausen. The watches we sell may have been manufactured very recently, or they may be vintage; or even antique. The age of a vintage luxury watch – just as with jewellery made from precious metals and stones – does not prevent it from fitting into modern life as a stylish and fully operational piece as long as it has been looked after. You can view our online range of luxury watches here.

Trade in Your Watch

We have always bought and sold luxury watches, but many do not realise that we have a trade-in option, where you can offset the cost of a new watch via part-exchange. We consider most high-end, luxury brands, and as long as the watch is in good condition we can offer a fair and very competitive price. In fact, we may pay more for your current watch if you are looking to buy another watch from us, compared to a straight sale. This can allow you to upgrade for much less, and gives many of our customers the chance to own a much-coveted timepiece that may have traditionally been outside of their preferred price-range.

HandT - Shop Online can provide expert valuation of your current watch (or watches) in just one hour, giving you a good idea of your budget for something ‘new’. This can be achieved via our dedicated online valuation system – Sell Your Watch. This free, expert valuation can be used as a guide and allows you to either sell your watch outright or use it as a part-exchange on one of our available timepieces.

You can also bring your watch into one of our 180+ H&T stores throughout the UK for a valuation and to view the locally-sourced range. Our luxury watches come to us via customer sales and are also sourced from auction houses across the UK, making it easier for our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. We put in the hard work so you don’t have to – simply visit our website or your nearest H&T store to view an eclectic range of models and designs. If you’re looking for something specific, we may be able to source this from one of our other stores if you can’t find what you want locally.

Browse our Luxury Watch Range

Our luxury watch range is forever changing, and the variety of styles and designs available is vast. If you’re looking for a particular brand or model, or if you just want to view the current offering, this can be done both online and in-store as mentioned above.

When looking at our range of watches, you can be confident that every single timepiece you can see has been thoroughly inspected by our expert in-house horologists. Each watch will be carefully examined internally to ensure quality, good working order and authenticity. All parts are deep-cleaned and any imperfections (although rare) are recorded so that our customers can make confident and informed choices. Every single one of our watches comes with a 1-year warranty and can last a lifetime or longer with the proper care. If you’re looking to invest in a high-end timepiece without the high-end costs, we can help.

Visit your local H&T store today for further information, or use our online contact form if you have any questions or requests.