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  • Tudor Vintage Watches

  • Pre-owned Vintage Tudor Watches

    Tudor is, in Swiss watchmaking terms, quite a new brand with its first watches distributed in the early 1930s. A vintage item is identifiable by the original Tudor Rose logo or simply just the Tudor name printed on the face.

    Original vintage designs will still have Rolex insignia together with the Tudor name, however as founder Hans Wilsdorf advanced the brand to become a separate identity from Rolex, defined by affordable yet quality timepieces with high precision movements, the Tudor Rose insignia, and eventually the Shield appears.

    Rare vintage Tudor designs are in demand and will certainly increase in value, particularly the Submariner and Prince lines.

    A pre-owned Vintage Tudor watch is a collector's item for those with a particular interest in the history of watchmaking and those for whom ‘classic’ is a style mantra. These are beautifully made watches with a strong sense of history about them.

    We take pride in the authenticity and quality of our pre-owned items. All of our watches undergo strict testing for timekeeping to ensure they meet our standards of quality. Where available, our watches are referenced against manufacturer records and are assessed by a fully qualified horologist to verify their authenticity. Your pre-owned item will be delivered with an authentication card to mark the passing of these tests and a 1-year warranty.

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