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Gold price is at record highs - we buy scrap, broken and unwanted gold!


  • 22ct Gold Bracelets & Bangles

  • 22 Carat Gold Bangles & Bracelets

    At H&T, our 22 carat gold bracelets & bangles collection includes link, curb and decorative designs. We have 22ct gold bracelets for men and women.

    22ct gold means it is made up of 22 parts pure gold, out of 24 parts. Wearing jewellery made of 22 carat gold is practical and glamourous.

    It’s mixed with the right amount of other metals, which make it durable enough to withstand daily wear, but it’s also close to 24ct (the highest gold carat there is) so you can feel special.

    Our 22 carat gold bangles & bracelets have been fully checked and verified by our team of experts. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or you're buying for a loved one, you can be confident you're purchasing something precious from us.

    Find the perfect piece today.