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The Gender Pay Gap 2017

As part of gender pay gap reporting, we have found that women and men are paid equally for doing the equivalent jobs across our business. Any gender pay gap that exists within our ‘total’ figures is not at all driven by any variance in like for like pay within our retail stores.

The figures result from the fact that, as a retailer, the staff in our stores are predominantly female. However, in our Head Office, employees (whose pay rates are typically higher) have a more male gender bias. Similar issues will apply to other organisations in the retail sector.


Overall Current Employees: 1105

Female: 73%
Male: 27%

Store Employees 

Female: 77%
Male 23%

Corporate Head Office 

Female: 38%
Male: 62%


The following information is based on a 12 month reference period up to 5th April 2017 (the snapshot date).

Mean figures are the average across all of the dataset. Median is the value that splits the top and bottom 50%.


Average Pay

We have compared the average pay of all the women we employ with the average pay for all the men (for both mean and median calculations). Women are paid 22% less than men as a mean (overall) average and 7.6% less than men as a median (mid-range) average.

Pay Quartiles

Based on the 672 relevant employees.

Top Quartile

Men 38%
Women 62%

Upper Middle Quartile

Men 21%
Women 79%

Lower Middle Quartile

Men 23%
Women 77%

Lower Quartile

Men 13%
Women 87%

Gender Bonus Pay Gap

All employees have an equal opportunity to receive bonus pay.
Of all women 91% received a bonus.
Of all men 88% received a bonus.

Bonus Pay Comparison 

The mean average for men was 75% more than for women.
The median average for men was 47% more than for women.

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing and is signed by John Nichols, Chief Executive Officer – April 2018.