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Pre-Owned TAG Heuer Watches


Browse our amazing range of pre-owned TAG Heuer watches right here, with nearly new and vintage models for both men and women available. No matter your tastes, you’re bound to find the right second hand TAG Heuer timepiece for you right here in our ever-changing range.   


Famed for their quality craftsmanship and wearable designs, second hand TAG watches are increasingly in demand, with exceptional designs available for a fraction of the cost of new. Our in-house experts put each and every watch through a detailed process that proves its authenticity, ensures it works properly and is in the best condition possible for resale. Shop TAG Heuer second hand watches with H&T for complete peace of mind – you’ll even get a 1 year guarantee on any purchase.


Want to try before you buy? Many of our pre owned TAG watches are available to look at in-store. You can request for it to be sent to your nearest H&T branch, and with 247 stores across the UK you’ll not have to go far. Alternatively, our online service is quick and easy – find your perfect TAG Heuer watch today.