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Pre-Owned Omega Watches


Here at H&T we have a broad range of second hand Omega watches on offer for a fraction of the cost of a new model. With both modern and vintage designs available, there’s bound to be something for you or a loved one here in our fantastic used Omega watch collection. Our Omega stock is ever-changing and includes men’s, women’s and unisex models, some of which may have rare design features.


All pre-owned Omega watches are inspected thoroughly by our in-house horologists to ensure that they are authentic, and that they’re in perfect working order, and various tests are carried out as part of this process. Each timepiece is serviced and deep cleaned once authenticity is guaranteed; making it ready for sale. You can have complete peace of mind when purchasing a pre-owned Omega from H&T, and we guarantee all purchases for 12 months.


Simply select any Omega watch from our range to see further details, which includes the type of movement, all measurements and high definition images. After finding your favourite watch online, you can request to view it in your local store. With over 247 stores nationwide, we’re bound to be nearby.