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Pre-Owned Men's Watches

Here at H&T we have a huge range of second hand men’s watches on offer, with both modern and vintage pieces from a number of high end brands. Whether you’re looking for a classic Omega, Cartier or Rolex timepiece – or perhaps a sportier Breitling or TAG Heuer model - we’re bound to have something to suit your needs.


All of our pre-owned men’s watches come with a 1-year warranty, are fully vetted for authenticity, and are serviced and deep cleaned before going up for sale. In some cases, the original box and papers are supplied, and if not present we will provide an authentication card and presentation box. In many cases, you can request to view any of our timepieces in-store before you buy, or alternatively you can make a direct online purchase. Full details and high definition photographs of each watch are displayed on their individual pages.


Browse our unique and ever-changing range of lightly used men’s watches today for the perfect gift, or to add to your own existing collection. Every single piece is guaranteed to be in excellent working order and will last for generations with the proper care.