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Pre-Owned Ladies Cartier Watches

Here at H&T we hold a wide range of pre-owned ladies Cartier watches, from vintage models up to newer releases. Whether you’re buying a Cartier timepiece for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one, you can save money by opting for pre-owned. In many cases, our second hand Cartier women’s watches are as good as new, thanks to our rigorous pre-sale process.

Each Cartier watch is checked over by our in-house experts, who perform a range of tests and checks to ensure the piece is genuine and not a fake. Once this has been confirmed, the watch is fully serviced and cleaned. We give 12 months warranty with every ladies Cartier watch for your further peace of mind.

Shop here for used ladies Cartier watches today – simply click through to see high definition images and further information on each product page. Some of our watches may be viewed in-store before purchase – simply follow the instructions to request this, alternatively, buying online is quick and simple.