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Pre-Owned Cartier Watches


Looking for genuine, pre-owned Cartier watches? We have just what you need in our fabulous range of classic gents, ladies and unisex Cartier timepieces. With classic models and more modern designs available in our unique and ever-changing range, you’re bound to find something you’re looking for – whether you’re adding to your own luxury watch collection or buying a special gift for a loved one.


Our second hand Cartier watches are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they meet our high standards. H&T’s in-house horologists are able to fully service each timepiece, as well as prove its authenticity via Cartier’s own database for your peace of mind. Each component is cleaned to ensure all our used watches look as good as new.


Simply click through to any product page to see high definition images taken from multiple angles, full information on each timepiece, and purchasing options. Cartier produce some of the most recognisable and elegant wrist-watches in the world, with world class craftsmanship and design – browse the range to find your very own for a fraction of the cost of new.