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Partner With Us

Founded in London in 1897 H&T Pawnbrokers has been at the heart of communities for over 120 years.  Our continued investment in our business and communities means we now boast a store estate of 247 shops situated in most major towns and cities in England and Scotland. H&T is currently the largest pawnbroker in the UK by book size, and we service over 400,000 customers every year.  

We put customers at our core so by recommending your clients to us you can be sure they’ll receive great service.  Being FCA authorised allows us to offer you complete peace of mind, and you can be sure your clients are in safe hands. 

Our scale means we are able to fund large loans quickly for any purpose. Our team of in-house experts and valuers have years of experience, meaning we can often lend on items other pawnbrokers would not necessarily consider. Funds up to £500,000 can be arranged on the same day of application.

H&T offer attractive commission packages to its partners, as well as marketing support. If you are interested in partnering with us, contact our dedicated partner manager today on for more information.