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Wythenshawe Fundraising Event

15th June 2015, Wythenshawe: Last weekend H&T Pawnbrokers in the Civic Centre in Wythenshawe held a plant sale to raise money for Macmillan, the national cancer support charity. The plants were grown and donated by the Store Manager’s son. A customer saw the sale taking place on Friday, and that the store had nearly sold out of the plants, so came back the next day with some more plants which she kindly donated!

The Store Manager Marcella said, ‘We’re committed to our local communities and pleased to have raised this money for Macmillan. We’re very grateful to all of the generous people of Wythenshawe who came down to support us and gave money towards this great cause. We raised over £130, thank you!’

H&T Pawnbrokers and their retail stores Est1897 Discount Secondhand Jewellery are supporting Macmillan throughout the UK, in a bid to raise enough money to fund a Macmillan nurse for a year.