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Secondhand Book Sale for Macmillan

Sutton, 29th July 2015: H&T Pawnbrokers store on Central Road in Worcester Park is holding a secondhand book sale on Friday 28th August to raise money for national cancer support charity Macmillan. The store started collecting books last week and so far they already have 350! Their goal is to reach 500 books for sale on the day.

Members of the public who have books they would like to donate can drop them in at the following H&T Pawnbrokers stores over the next month:

Worcester Park: 148 Central Road, KT4 8HH

Sutton: 232 High Street, SM1 1NT

Kingston: 26 Castle Street, KT1 1SS

On the 28th August, the staff will set up a gazebo outside the store for the book sale with music and offer cakes and refreshments for a small donation for Macmillan. The last time they organised a big fundraising event was for the Macmillan Coffee Morning last September, and the Mayor of Sutton popped along for a donation and a photo! (see attached). 

H&T Pawnbrokers is supporting Macmillan in many of the 190 stores nationwide this year and have already raised over £2,000. The pawnbroking and secondhand jewellery stores are holding a range of activities including cake, book and plant sales; sporting challenges; themed fancy dress days; and entertainment events.