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Rising Stars Award

21st April; Sarah Pomfrey, Store Manager at Est.1897 Discount Secondhand Jewellery store in Gateshead, has been selected as one of Retail Jeweller’s 30 Rising Stars Under 30.

Sarah Pomfrey recently celebrated her tenth anniversary at H&T Pawnbrokers, having worked at Wallsend, Newcastle and Gateshead stores.

Sarah was chosen by Retail Jeweller magazine for the Rising Stars Award thanks to the fantastic work she is doing, and the talent she shows. A key example of her success is that under her stewardship, sales at the Gateshead store have shot up by 80% in 2014.

She has a keen eye for visual merchandising and plans her window in great detail, resulting in a well-presented and balanced retail display. Sarah is passionate about her stock and maintaining standards in store. While most of the stock is secondhand, her care and attention mean you would be forgiven for thinking it was all new.

Operations Director Peter Kelly says, ‘We are very proud of Sarah and the talent she displays, she is an asset to our team. All of our staff at H&T and Est.1897 Discount Secondhand Jewellery stores are committed to providing exceptional customer service, and we often receive stellar reviews from customers. Thank you to Retail Jeweller for this award!’