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Pawnbrokers helping the homeless

18th August 2015; Southend-on-sea: Members of staff at H&T Pawnbrokers on 95 Southchurch Road in Southend are holding a month of fundraising in September. The store is collecting the following for local charity, the Warrior Soup Kitchen:

  •          Food and drinks
  •          Sleeping bags, tents, bedding and blankets
  •          Clothes and shoes

This Southend charity provides support for the local homeless community, handing out hot food, drinks and sleeping bags at the back of H&T Pawnbrokers, in Southchurch Road, on Mondays and Fridays between 7pm and 9pm.

The store staff have called the event the Summer Harvest Festival and they have set up a donation trolley where members of the public can drop in and leave something to help the homeless.

Any money raised in store over the month will go the national cancer charity Macmillan. H&T Pawnbrokers is supporting Macmillan in many of the 190 stores nationwide this year and have already raised over £2,000 with their Big Slim get fit challenge. The pawnbroking and secondhand jewellery stores are holding a range of activities including exercise days; book and plant sales; sporting challenges; themed fancy dress days; and entertainment events.

The H&T Southend store manager said: ‘We’re committed to our communities, so helping out local homeless people and raising money for Macmillan is something we are really enthusiastic about. We look forward to welcoming the generous people of Southend into our store during our upcoming fundraising month.’