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Pawnbroker runs for St Oswald’s Hospice

18th August 2015; Wallsend: Local Pawnbroker, Katie Askew, is running the  thirteen-mile Great North Run in September to raise money for local charity, St Oswald’s Hospice.

Katie has worked hard over the last two years to increase her fitness and lose weight, and has been very successful, having lost five stone in total. She started off walking and now regularly runs five miles in training with her partner, who is also taking part in the Great North Run for Action Research.

Katie, who has worked for H&T Pawnbrokers for over four years, says, ‘I am running for St Oswald's Hospice from my local area, for all the amazing work they do and people they help. My aunt works for them and some of the stories she brings home from work are devastating, amazing and heart-warming - sometimes all at once!’

Katie has a donation tin in the H&T store on 28 High Street East, and so far generous customers and members of public have put over £75 into the tin, contributing to a running total of £135. If people would like to donate they can visit the store or Katie’s Just Giving page

St Oswald’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care to adults, children and young people from the North East of England, including free hospice care, end of life care, alternative therapies and bereavement support to those in need.