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H&T Pawnbrokers collects £1,000 and 5,000 Easter eggs for local charities

15th April 2015; UK: Following a successful fundraising year in 2014, community spirit was definitely still in the air at H&T Pawnbrokers, when all 191 stores took part in a nationwide Easter fundraising and egg collection appeal. Customers and staff generously donated Easter eggs and money for children and families at local hospitals, clinics and food banks.

H&T are pleased to announce that a total of 5,000 Easter eggs were collected, this is equivalent to:

  • A fully grown bear, walrus or hippo


  • A medium-sized car


  • 104 solid gold bullion bars

In addition to chocolate eggs, stores raised £1,000 for local and national children’s charities. H&T CEO, John Nichols, said, ‘We are committed to continuously serving our local communities and pleased to have helped so many families with this Easter Collection Appeal.’

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend, all H&T stores took part in the Easter collection. Activities included fun days, cake bakes and sales, Easter egg hunts and games. Some highlights:

  • Hull store  manager volunteered to have real eggs smashed on her head to raise money and awareness for the National Autistic Society, she raised £400 and collected 100 Easter eggs
  • Stores in the North West of England collected a whopping 1234 eggs
  • More than 400 eggs collected in London stores for Tadworth Children’s Trust
  • Stores in Merseyside and Lancashire raised over £700 for local charities such as Alder Hey Hospital and Zoe’s Place children’s hospice