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Birmingham Fundraising Drive Raises Over £300

13th May 2015, Birmingham: H&T Pawnbrokers stores in Ethel Street and Bull Street organised a fundraising event on Saturday 2nd May to raise money for the local Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. Members of staff from both stores held a bag-packing event at B&M Bargain in Priory Square shopping centre and raised an impressive £326.

The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation is based in Birmingham and helps children, young people and young adults with liver disease and their families. The foundation also supports medical research and provides information for healthcare professionals and members of the public.

The Store Manager at H&T Pawnbrokers Bull Street, Jenny Begum, said ‘We are keen to support our local communities and this charity is close to Birmingham’s heart.Our goal was to raise £100 on the day to donate to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, and we're pleased to have exceeded this target!'