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The Board

Executive Directors

John Nichols (Chief Executive)

After an early career in the RAF, John entered the leisure industry with the Rank Organisation where he held several senior executive positions. John joined H&T as Managing Director in 1997 and subsequently became Chief Executive. He has been instrumental in developing and implementing the business strategy and delivering growth in stores, revenues and profitability.

Non-Executive Directors

Peter McNamara

Peter spent the majority of his career with Lloyds Bank plc, as chief manager for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and then as the managing director of Personal Banking. He subsequently served as Group managing director of the Alliance & Leicester plc and Chief Executive of Wesleyan Assurance Society, a mutual life insurance business. In 2002 he left to become Chairman and subsequently executive Chairman of Moneybox plc, the leading ATM deployer operating in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, which he led to flotation on AIM.

In 2006 he set up a new ATM business, Notemachine Ltd and is the CEO.

James Thornton

James Thornton has more than fifteen years of experience in UK financial services organisations, most recently as a Director at Hannam & Partners, from 2009-2015, and previously as Head of Finance at BAT Industries, Group Deputy Finance Director and UK Finance Director at Old Mutual plc and Head of Foreign Exchange at IFX plc. James has also held senior positions with Lord Ashcroft KCMG associated companies – Anne Street Partners and Global Health Partner plc. James is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Elaine Draper

Elaine sat on the National Executive Committee of LINK between 2008 and 2011, Bank of England’s Strategic Cash Group between 2009 and 2011, and an Advisory Board Member 2016/17 of Centre for Ageing Better – Inequalities in later life review. From 2015 to August 2017, Elaine was a NED of the £35m UK Government funded Credit Union Expansion programme, charged with the delivery of new technology infrastructure and operating models to enable the expansion of Credit Union services. Until October 2017, Elaine was a senior leader within Barclays and a Member of the Barclays UK Current Account and Insurance Committee.

Mark Smith 

Mark is presently a Special Advisor (Associate) at KPMG LLP, acting as Advisor to the International Banking Financial Services Partnership teams. Between 2008 and 2015, Mark held the positions of Retail Operations Director (Business Services), Managing Director, Customer Contact (UK Retail Banking) and Director (Challenger Bank) at the Royal Bank of Scotland plc. Mark’s broad experience base includes working in highly regulated businesses as an FSA / FCA / FSC Approved Person, operating in domestic and international markets.