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  • Second Hand Omega Watches

    With a rich heritage dating back to 1848, Omega has been producing expertly crafted and reliable wristwatches for air, sea, and space exploration for over 170 years. Showcasing both performance and design, each and every timepiece is incredibly practical, accurate and beautifully stylish. Our pre-owned Omega watches retain their impeccable functionality, sophistication and prestige and are guaranteed to meet our high standards of quality and genuine authenticity. Shop our large selection of used Omega watches below.

    History of Omega watches

    A leading prestigious watch brand with a world-class reputation, Omega began as a small company when Louis Brandt started making timepieces in his Swiss village workshop. When his sons took over in 1879, the company grew and its revolutionary calibre was launched in 1894. Following the success of the highly accurate timepiece, named Omega, the company was rebranded, officially creating the Omega Watch Company. Within 10 years, Omega established a research and development facility to harness its skills in technology advancement. Known for high-precision timekeeping, Omega went on to set the standards for future watch performance in 1931 when it beat all other watchmakers in six time-test trials in Geneva. Since 1932, Omega has built a legacy of timing the Olympic Games, becoming the event’s official timekeeper. Following on from Omega’s sporting and marine heritage, the company went on to launch military, aviation and space-exploration collections, continuing to break records with precise timekeeping and robust, durable designs. Over the decades, timepieces from the Seamaster collection have been showcased in the James Bond movies while Omega continues to set world standards with its innovations, accuracy and elegance.

    Our pre-owned Omega collections

    Our collections feature exquisite second-hand ladies’ Omega watches as well as classically stylish and precise second-hand men’s Omega watches. Choose from popular models in a variety of different sizes, materials and colour.


    Our pre-owned Omega Seamaster collection offers practical, waterproof chronometers inspired by ocean divers and explorers, harnessing the epitome of marine timepiece technology. With great accuracy, durability and exemplary modern design, this collection of second-hand Omega watches delivers the ideal choice for every adventurer. Our Seamaster Aqua Terra collection includes a choice of men’s and ladies’ models and is inspired by the land and the sea, joining both elements in this modern, maritime design.


    Featuring the iconic star symbol, our pre-owned Omega Constellation collection encompasses class, luxury and technical precision. With a choice of gold or stainless steel, your second-hand Omega timepiece will ooze charm, sophistication and elegance.

    De Ville

    This is Omega’s classical collection; the ultimate in grand design and style. Crafted as a sleek option for those looking for a simplified alternative to Omega’s exploration watches, the De Ville range is stunningly slick.


    Our Vintage collection features older, traditional timepieces which have been pre-loved for multiple decades. With a Vintage Omega watch, you’ll receive only the best in practicality, accuracy and performance as well as top-quality design and finesse.


    With a range of second-hand men’s Omega watches in this collection, a Speedmaster timepiece is a prestigious, professional model with an iconic history. The Speedmaster was the first watch to be worn on the moon and showcases the company’s innovative technology and pioneering background.

    Other models featured in our magnificent, pre-owned Omega collection include Planet Ocean, Polaris and Dynamic.

    Why choose a pre-owned Omega watch?

    A pre-owned or pre-loved watch is a timepiece that has been owned previously, often by just one individual, depending on the age of the chronometer. Prestige watches, such as Omega, are often handed down through generations, due to their robust design, reliability and world-class reputation. 

    One of the benefits of choosing a second-hand Omega watch is that you’ll pay less than you would for a brand-new model. This could provide you with a wider choice of options when it comes to choosing a heritage, luxury model or a vintage timepiece that is no longer made.

    When you purchase a pre-owned watch, you have the opportunity to add to the rich history of the timepiece, creating another chapter in its journey and giving it a new lease of life.

    Your used Omega watch will likely last a lifetime if you take care of it as you would any new timepiece. Therefore, it could become a significant, unique item, passed down through the family.

    When choosing your pre-owned Omega watch, ensure you buy from a reputable company that offers a warranty on your timepiece as well as a certificate of authentication.

    Why should you buy your used Omega watch from H&T?

    With over 130 years of experience and expertise, we’ve witnessed some huge technological advancements in watchmaking along the way. That’s why our team of professionals has extensive knowledge and skills to prepare your pre-owned Omega watch for its new life.

    We take pride in the authenticity and quality of all of our second-hand Omega watches for sale. They have all been examined by our in-house experts so you can be sure that they are the genuine article.

    Every timepiece undergoes a strict testing for timekeeping accuracy to ensure that they meet our high standards of quality. Plus, our watches are referenced against manufacturer records, where available, and are all assessed by a fully qualified horologist. For water-resistant watches, strict tests are carried out and only then can they be labelled as having this feature.

    What’s more, all of our pre-owned Omega watches in the UK come with an authentication card as well as a one-year warranty and a 30-day returns policy, to keep you covered in the rare instance that something should go wrong.

    With 250 store locations across the country, we also offer the opportunity to view any item in store before purchasing by simply registering or logging in and filling out your details online.

    Order your pre-owned Omega watch today and you will receive your purchase via a secure courier service, ensuring a safe, secure and convenient transit to your door.

    Get in touch with us at H&T

    If you want more information or have any questions about our second-hand Omega watches for sale, contact our expert team online or via email at

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