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Deputy Manager - South

Deputy Manager - South

As the UK’s largest pawnbrokers, Harvey & Thompson have a long history dating back to the late 1800s. H&T currently have over 180 shops across the UK and employ 1000 members of staff across the estate including the Sutton Head Office, Loan Centre in Merseyside and Jewellery Centre in Kent.

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Job Purpose 

Responsible for assisting the shop manager in overseeing the day to day operations of the shop. Similar to the shop manager, performance is measured through the meeting of specific operations standards, achieving financial goals and objectives, maintaining high customer satisfaction levels when initiating or concluding (without limitation) the pawnbroking loan, retail sale, Personal Loan, Buyback, Western Union, foreign exchange or cheque cashing. Assists in the recruitment, training, motivation and retention of quality shop staff.

Key Responsibilities:

Customer Service

Establishes good customer relations atmosphere in store by greeting every customer that enters in a friendly and helpful manner and provides the customer with a prompt and efficient service.

Loan Product

  • When administering a loan product, is responsible for explaining the benefits, exclusions and costs of to the customer and completes the sales process and provides the customer with the all relevant documentation.
  • Adheres to Company procedures when dealing with insurance sales and ensuring any customer queries are passed to the Loan Centre.

Recruitment and Training of Staff

  • Assists in sourcing and in recruiting Assistants, ensuring that each individual employed is the best available talent.
  • Assists in training of Assistants so that their development meets the prescribed company standards.

Administrative Process and Procedures

Assists in managing the administrative process and procedures within the shop, which includes loans, asset management, shop presentation, shop systems, management reporting and internal/external security

Store Management

  • Reviews the shop’s financial statements and assists in communicating results to shop staff and setts goals which will maximise the shop’s profitability
  • Assists in managing operations effectively so that actual results meet or exceed the established guidelines
  • Effectively covers day to day operations in the Manager’s absence

Health and Safety

  • To co-operate with and conform to the Security and Health and Safety Policies of the Company with arrangements made and actively assists in implementing the Policy.

Any Other Duties

Performs other duties as required

Essential Requirements

  • Good standard of education in English and Maths
  • Spoken English which is understood by others
  • Previous experience in a customer service environment
  • Previous retail experience

Desirable Requirements

  • Formal examinations in Maths and English achieved
  • Previous (retail) supervisory experience
  • Pawnbroking and Jewellery knowledge
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