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Deputy Manager - Northampton

Deputy Manager - Northampton

Prepares, organises and motivates the team to deliver proactive, personalised customer service, in order to achieve the store’s financial goals.

  • Hours: 37.5
  • Requirements: Eastern European Speaker

Job contribution

Customer service: Encourages and organises the team to make friends with each customer quickly and easily, properly understanding their needs, so that every customer receives the right outcome, product or service for their individual situation.

In-store environment: Creates a welcoming in-store experience, and an inviting, professional window display, so that opportunities to interact with customers are maximised.

Financial management: Drives store performance against key targets, so that the store consistently achieves its financial goals.

Operational compliance: Oversees the store in line with regulatory requirements, company policies and latest operating procedures, in order to deliver a safe, secure and compliant store environment that properly protects our people, customers and property.

Team training: Updates and delivers personalised training for each colleague, so that the whole team are fully confident in their roles and multi-skilled across all store products, thereby offering a positive, seamless service to each customer.

Team management: Organises and leads each shift in line with daily customer, financial and operational priorities, ensuring that the team is ready, excited and amazing for each customer, and energised to deliver the weekly plan.

Projects & initiatives: Implements projects and initiatives with the store team, so that disruption is minimised and changes land successfully with customers and colleagues.

Your behaviours

  • Make Friends
  • Be Amazing
  • Simpler in Store
  • Play to Win

Your Skills

  • Customer service
  • Computer literacy
  • Planning & organisation
  • Verbal communication
  • Delegation
  • Developing others

Your scale and scope

  • Reports to: Store Manager
  • Reports: None
  • Planning horizon: Weekly / Monthly

Your qualifications and experience

  • Customer service experience
  • Team leader experience

Your wiggle room

Has freedom to decide how best to organise and motivate the team across each shift to maximise opportunities with customers. Operates within the store budget, policies and procedures

We need someone who…

Is proactive and passionate about making the store the best it can be, and loves the variety of working with a diverse range of customers

We don’t need someone who…

Believes that customers and/or colleagues get in the way of running the store, or prefers to defer decisions to the Store Manager

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