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3rd Line Support Engineer - Head Office

3rd Line Support Engineer - Head Office

To support and administer the physical IT Infrastructure for H&T which will enable the Group to achieve its business objectives.

The main activities of the role are to ensure that:

  • The groups infrastructure is maintained, operated and supported to an appropriate standard
  • Participate in resolving all operational issues that arise within the teams’ responsibilities and resolve within the promised timescales
  • Offer support, guidance and assistance to the IT Service Desk staff and Developers
  • Ensure key knowledge and technical configurations are documented and transferred appropriately across the entire IT team



Be part of the infrastructure support function that administers and support the groups:

  • Servers and Hardware (Physical and Cloud)
  • IIS
  • Tripwire
  • Trend Micro Security suite
  • Firewalls/ Meraki WAN devices
  • Network switches
  • Data Storage
  • System back-ups
  • Patching
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Antivirus
  • Telephony
  • Disaster Recovery


  • Ensure all infrastructure components are administered and maintained in accordance with IT Industry best practices
  • Identify and document any issues that are known in advance that could affect the service delivery to the business and identify steps that could be taken to resolve or minimise the impact. This also includes any cyber security risks
  • Ensure effective change control practices are followed in-line with ITIL best practice
  • Liaise with the support teams to resolve support calls
  • Ensure proper post mortem/ root cause analysis exercises are conducted following a major incident
  • Support and contribute to the Problem Management processes that are aligned to ITIL
  • Respond to any emergency situations/ major incidents that arise with the view to restoring services as fast as possible
  • Participate in the maintenance of all technical infrastructure documentation ensuring it remains current and relevant
  • Work with third party suppliers to ensure we receive the correct level of service delivery and that we continue to get value for money


  • Broad knowledge of IT Infrastructure components
  • Strong knowledge and interest in cyber security best practice
  • MCSE or similar technical certifications
  • Good understanding of Branch Networking
  • IIS Management
  • AD / GPO / DNS / DFS / Site & Services
  • WSUS / Patching


  • ITIL certified
  • Tripwire
  • Trend Mico
  • MCSE
  • VMware certification
  • Knowledge of DEVOPS
  • ISO27001 knowledge
  • SQL server management
  • Cisco MAB
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