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BuyBack Electronics

Got a phone, tablet or console? Need some short term cash? We’ll buy your electronic device for cash then store it for up to 31 days. You can return at any point during this time to buy back your item (fee applies).*

Get your quote today!

Fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly with your offer. Alternatively, take your item into your local store for same day cash.

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3 simple steps

Get your item valued

Use our online valuation system to get an instant price for your electronic item (where available) or visit one of our stores.

Agree to our offer and receive cash!

We’ll give you an offer online which you can redeem in-store for cash on the spot! (Subject to testing of your electronic device).

Buy your electronics back

We’ll securely store your item and keep it for up to 31 days during which time you can buy your item back (fee applies).

H&T BuyBack

We offer BuyBack on mobile phones, games consoles, and tablets. There are no credit checks and once your item has passed our inspection we will offer you cash right away!

BuyBack is a great way to tide yourself over until payday or get instant cash for an unexpected expense. If you'd rather sell your items for good, you can get a free valuation online. Unlock the value of your electronics today!

Our fees - BuyBack electronics

We buy your electronics, store them for up to 31 days and offer you the chance to buy them back anytime during that period. For this service, we charge a onetime fee of 25%. 

For example: You sell us your phone for £50, we then store it securely and you return after 30 days where you can buy back your phone for £50 plus our fee of £12.50 (25% of the sale price).