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What Happens In-store When I Apply for a Loan?

Published: 04 Aug 2017

About H&T Pawnbrokers personal loans

Here at H&T Pawnbrokers we offer excellent value personal loans both online and in our stores. The simple application takes around 30 minutes and comes with no hidden fees – we are the direct lender, so what you see on paper is exactly what you’ll pay back.

We offer loans of up to £5,000 with repayment terms of 3-36 months. You can use our online calculator to see how much you’ll be expected to pay back when choosing your ideal loan amount and repayment term. We do not require a guarantor, as this is a personal loan based on your credit score and your income/expenditure.

Why do people choose to apply in-store?

Many of our personal loan customers choose to apply in their local store, rather than online. While applying online is a quick and easy process which can be done from your own sofa, when it comes to money matters we understand the need to speak to a real person face-to-face. Our professional high street stores provide the perfect environment in which to apply for a loan; we have supportive and knowledgeable staff members, and you can walk out with the cash that same day – often within 30 minutes.

Our loan rates are often lower in-store compared with online, partly due to the fact that we are able to confirm your identity much faster. The loan rates offered can vary due to certain factors, such as your credit score, the loan amount and the duration of repayment. It will be made clear to you exactly what the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is and what this translates to as monthly payments and the overall repayment amount.

Where are H&T Pawnbrokers stores?

H&T Pawnbrokers stores can be found in over 247 locations right across the country. It’s likely you’ve got a H&T store within easy distance of where you live, and you can find out using our store locator tool.

Once you have entered your postcode or nearest town, we’ll show you the 5 closest stores. Be sure to check which services your nearest store can offer, just in case. You’ll be able to see exactly where your nearest store is located on a map, as well as important information like opening times and direct contact details.

What do I need to bring with me?

When applying for a loan – whether its in-store or online – you’ll need some essential documents to hand in order to successfully complete the application. There are a few checks we must carry out by law and in line with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) rules and guidelines. We are committed to our fair lending policy and to the prevention of crime.

You will need to bring:

  • A full bank statement (dated within 1 month)
  • Your most recent payslip (dated within 1 month) OR bank statements for the last 2 months
  • Proof of address (e.g. a utility bill, tenancy agreement etc. dated within the last 3 months)
  • Photographic ID – we accept passports, driving licences, Government Photo ID cards, European ID cards, British Armed Forces cards, Inland Revenue Contractors cards, Union cards, Disability badges and Hackney Licences.

Please do ring ahead if you are unsure of anything so that we can clarify what we can and cannot accept before you make the journey to come and see us. We cannot process any application which does not include all of the required documentation.

What will happen when I get there?

When you arrive at your local H&T Pawnbrokers store, you should not have to wait very long to see an advisor. We will walk you through the application process and ensure that you have everything you need. We’ll clearly explain the terms of the loan you have chosen to apply for (we can give you plenty of information about your options on the day, including full and accurate repayment expectations) and will make sure that you fully understand the contract as a whole.

We will take some basic details from you so that we are able to check your eligibility for a loan. This should not take very long and won’t show up to other lenders, so it won’t affect your credit score.  Only if you are approved for a loan will we record this information on your credit file.  Your advisor may offer you a higher or lower loan amount depending on the results.  Please note that if you are offered a higher loan amount, it’s only wise to accept if you were hoping to borrow that much anyway, and if the repayments are fully manageable.

If you would like to take the forms home with you to fill out in your own time, or if you would like to sit somewhere quiet to read through the full paperwork, we are more than happy to accommodate this. The full implications and expectations will be clearly explained to you and laid out on paper to peruse at your leisure.

Once you have been approved for a loan, we can pay your money to you in cash right then and there. Make sure you are able to put it somewhere very safe before you leave the store, as you may attract the wrong kind of attention if it’s hanging out of your back pocket!

How do I get started?

To locate your nearest H&T Pawnbrokers store, simply go to our store locator page and enter your postcode or nearest town/city. The map will show you the closest stores to you, and with 247 situated across the country, it’s likely you won’t have to travel far. Make sure that you bring all the required documentation with you so that it’s not a wasted trip, and be sure to call in advance if you have any particular needs or queries.

If you would like to book an appointment so that you know you’ll be seen at a particular time, then you are welcome to call the store and book in at your convenience. We welcome those who walk in without an appointment also, and we should be able to see you promptly. Even during busy periods you are unlikely to be required to wait. Our in-store team members are all highly professional, friendly and knowledgeable about all of our products and services – you’ll be welcomed with open arms no matter which store you go to. We look forward to seeing you soon.